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Immediately after going through the gate, turn right onto a Virginia Beach Metro Map track which will take you to the village of South Stoke. The path twists and turns through Virginia Beach Metro Map an area of woodland, climbs to emerge from the wood at a stile, proceeds along a field edge downhill, and swings right and then left into another wooded area. Signing is good and it is virtually impossible to go wrong. Climb again and emerge, the track now wide and following another field-edge. The gaps in the trees to the left allow some good views to the Arun, although it is not easy to follow the course of the river because of the surrounding vegetation. This is truly rural, and the bustle of Arundel, though just three miles back, seems part of another world.
As the investigation progressed, it seemed there was a possible connection between two major barn fires and Elton. The barns were on property also owned by the Whitney family. Elton was having issues with the Whitneys over money owed. He was suspected as the incendiary of those fires.

Investigators thought it particularly suspicious that Mrs. Baldwin had been attacked just days after the fires. They also considered Elton’s behavior at the sight of his dying mother very suspect. His attitude was nonchalant and unaffected by her condition. Elton quickly became the main suspect in both cases.

With Sheriff Ferris tied up in the transition process, Deputy Sheriff Fred Parr took over the investigation. It was Deputies Fred Parr and Will Roda along with Prosecutor Hoffman who brought Elton in for questioning. Their interrogation lasted into the morning hours.

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