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In 2009, it was estimated that nearly 2 million Haitians Kazakhstan Metro Map lived outside their country. Greatest numbers were in the Dominican Republic (800,000), the Kazakhstan Metro Map United States (600,000), and Canada (100,000). Only a few countries in the Americas are losing population to out-migration, yet experiencing a whopping RNI. In the case of Haiti, this is a reflection of the country’s incredibly poor economy. As a general rule, widespread poverty and low levels of education go hand in hand with high fertility rates and rates of natural population increase. Haiti is no exception.

She stood completely still, non-responsive, her face expressionless as she glanced at each one of us. What?

Then a wicked smiled lifted one corner of her mouth and she shrugged. “Nothing. Just wanted to be sure no one was sleeping.” With groans all around, sleeping we were not.

Nearly an hour was spent in the room with absolutely no results. The investigation had gone on for over six hours. It was early morning and everyone was exhausted. The group decided to wrap it up and head out. Now it was simply a matter of reviewing all the video, audio and photos to see what might have been captured. Hauntings Paranormal, Kat and I had our work cut out for us.

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