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Oberg Mountain

Trail Highlights

The route of the Oberg Mountain Trail shares a common trailhead with the Leveaux Peak Trail. Hike northeast on the Superior Hiking Trail for about 0.2 miles to reach the spur trail leading to the circuit around the summit. The ascent is rather moderate and lasts for about 0.3 miles. A bench part way up provides a resting place if necessary.

On the summit of Oberg, a 1.4 mile circuit trail connects eight overlooks that provide views of the surrounding countryside that almost completes a full turn of the compass. The overlooks start with a view of the rocky face of Leveaux Peak, and the narrow valley the Onion River has carved between the two peaks. The overlooks end with a view of Oberg Lake from high atop a rocky perch. In between are views of the North Shore, Lake Superior, Moose Mountain, and the headwaters of Rolling Creek. Stretching up and down the shore and inland are the Sawtooth Mountains. Bring a flower guide on this hike, and a lunch or some snacks and plan on staying for a while.

1741 A combined force of colonial and British troops, transported Best foreign countries to visit and supported by the Royal Navy, besieges the Spanish colonial city of Cartagena in South Country. Best foreign countries to visit Military ineptitude and mosquito-borne illnesses take a heavy toll on the attacking force. The British withdraw without taking Cartagena. 1743 The Battle of Dettingen is the last battle in history in which a British monarch leads national forces into battle. It results in the defeat of the French in the War of the Austrian Succession. 1745 English colonists, with British naval aid, capture Louisbourg, Nova Scotia. The British government will return it to France at the Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle. The capture of a major fortress was a dramatic coup and a great boon to the colonists’ military pride; Britain’s willingness to bargain it away in peace negotiations leaves many colonists bitter and resentful. The Battle of Fontenoy results in a French victory and the conquest of Flanders.

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