10 Year Anniversary in Mendoza Argentina

Hey everybody today is a special day for two reasons reason number one is Halloween and, I’m wearing my sunny stay. Because I have a very Halloween I going on at the moment reason 2 the special reason is that it’s our ten-year anniversary today, I’m dating for 10 years, and we thought this is the last time that we can celebrate this the next time will be our wedding our one-year wedding anniversary. So we’re going on a little wine tour around in mendoza argentina yes, and wine country of south america we heard your queries we’re taking them on board I think was one person that said we want you to describe someone said that we need to describe, and show our meals more. But we’re not the biggest foodies. But today we’re gonna try. Because we’re having stops a five course meal today.

10 Year Anniversary in Mendoza Argentina Photo Gallery

So, I’ll show you what we’re having it’s gonna be foodies today we’re gonna be foodies, and wine is today even though it’s 9:30 a.m. and it’s way too early for me to drink wine, I’m gonna try okay fill me, and I want to try explain this wine okay Steven sucks at explaining tastes a little trash it’s gonna be good. So with the Animus winery yeah in mendoza, and we’ve gone for a senior long to start the day as you can see it’s nice, and clear. Because fun fact you only get the color of wines from the skin. So this one must have next to no skin. Because it almost looks like a clear water I’ve never seen one that looks almost like water before it’s meant to be a little bit fruity with earthy a little bit earthy.

Because of the the ground that it’s grown in. But it’s also very very refreshing do well yes yeah let’s go try some red okay also this building is amazing inside here is where they make the wine, and we have use of the mountains it is so beautiful here love it. So when did you know that she was the one for you October 21st 1975 Jesus Christ you know the date oh yeah day of the game he was sitting in a bar when can you stop first one of the day Arnie we’re trying to help first of melbeck well we’ve tried it already everyone’s gone back upstairs. But you guys have no argentine is actually known for their Melba Quine. But why in fact mobic is actually a French grape. So it’s interesting that they are famous for like a French braid.

But this wine isn’t. So juicy, and fruitful, and also the color see, I’m learning, I’m learning it’s actually quite nice I don’t know if now that, I’m 27 getting old appreciating wine a bit more I enjoyed these a lot usually red wine is not a thing I will try. But these wines are so nice, and swine Rhys super-new is like 3-4 years old. So being able to produce like a really tasty wine is so nice. But wine best goes with food, and I’ve been promised a five course meal. So let’s go eat just sat down for lunch, and I think we’re gonna be trying some more wine with our me well this spot that we’ve stopped up for lunch is incredible if you have a look here that Andy’s just in the background there we’ve got a bit of a pond, and the building architecture this is like accommodation, and a restaurant just here.

So beautiful, and then this is us here sparkling wine pack it’s good nice sparkling wine if you see it in columns going up not just a partial pleasure. So stop beetroot soup you have to describe it we cannot not eat your soup beetroot juice – yeah definitely ready for the Food Network course -, and pinatas we’ve had them that before. But based on the corn flavors I do we need to review on all of them through blog anyway do you prefer them to the pace a once these ones are the better what these are really good. Because it’s like three cheese is it just to use okay this looks good this is a yes what is this laughing a jar full of melted white chocolate which Jemma is just obsessed with Hey everybody, and welcome back to Argentina we are back at the airport which feels. So strange. Because we haven’t caught a plane in. So long well over a month.

But we are leaving, and heading to the capital of Aries maybe sitting there for like three four days we do flap we don’t play yes well it’s a bit windy. But welcome Queen azari’s everybody guys quick room tour. But this is way more important there’s like a protest going on at the mall around thousands of people Steve Wow many people are in the distance world they’re protesting about we stay in front of this game this place is so nice by saying it wasn’t written like five seats – five six – it’s really nice, and like in the heart of – areas for driving like around the plaza drums, and stop right oh hell yeah.

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