Today we are exploring Canada’s desert in this travel post produced.

And financed in collaboration with think bin that’s right Canada has a desert. And we are going to go explore it we are walking along the boardwalk here at the astraeus desert center now the whole Center was created by the assaut use desert society which is actually a nonprofit organization here that is dedicated to the conservation. And preservation of the endangered antelope brush ecosystem which is all these amazing desert put.

CANADA has a DESERT Photo Gallery

So, you see behind me here we’re gonna go go with a boardwalk. And see if we could find 80 desert animals or desert creatures actually we really want to find animals for critters to be determined this one right here, this is the Angela brush system the tall are bushes they’re actually kind of like icebergs because most of them are under the ground. I couldn’t go like 15 meters below the ground icebergs like other parts of Canada these are the many deserts in North America that extend up from New Mexico then we have the United States up Nevada or again here we have the semi-arid shrub steppe.

And there’s a Soyuz right there. I love staying active when traveling, but we also need balance add to stay healthy. And hydrated.

So when I’m out about an on an adventure. I always make sure.

I have a healthy guilt free option with me bike think been taking a break to re-energize helps me keep going for the rest of the day in this death–it we’re like we should go to lake we should go to the lake one of the perks of being Canada’s only desert means that it gets a little hot area in the summertime it averages those 30 degrees making it one of the hottest places in the country if not the hottest place in Canada which also means that, it’s got the warmest body of water in Canada. So, it’s like this Lake right here on average of 24 degrees Celsius in the summertime that, it’s bad water guys bad water. And we are gonna go do some watersports.

And goes for a minute shall we go time to go into the water. ?

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