I’m going to let, you in on a little secret here the hidden gem of Southeast Asia is not here Bali is probably the most visited place in all of Southeast Asia, but there is a reason behind the madness. And. I’m here to show, you why, you need to book your next tickets Bali my name is Christian LeBlanc.

And. I’m a travel blogger from Canada. I’ve been making post for the past two years across Southeast Asia and.


I’ve probably spent about three months of it in Indonesia now without further ado let’s hop into the post starting with number ten seminyak, it’s probably the most developed part of Bali staying in an incredible villa just like, you see here could literally cost, you just as much as staying in a course star hotel in a western country oh wow oh my god here we are how nice is this money just goes so much further here while. I don’t rank seminyak high for the adventure factor it definitely has a lot to offer if you’re just looking to put your feet up enjoy some luxury living, but one of the incredible things about Bali is the living cost is much more affordable it is home to many resorts incredible fine dining.

And excellent nightlife. And speaking of good food Motel Mexico la is a great place for nightlife. And food, but beware it is quite expensive number 9 is good moon shall we now.

I probably not saying it right, but, this is an incredible temple built into a hillside the environment is in the lush green forest of Bali. And there’s something very unique about being here, you truly feel like you’re experiencing some of Ali’s history the entire complex was actually built in the 11th century as a massive tombstone for the king. And his family the incredible tombstone is surrounded by a beautiful rice terrace, it’s definitely worth exploring next up on the list is jimbaran somewhere.

I had one of the most remarkable sunsets of my entire life jibraan can also be quite touristy there’s a lot of people to go here to enjoy the sunset enjoy some fresh seafood, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing, you can definitely expect to compete with some crowds, but you’ll have a remarkable night with some great food we had a delicious TRAI seafood at one of the restaurants here. And there’s many to choose from Bali is filled with incredible waterfalls, but the two that stood out the most to me are Saguna Gong. And Padang gulia these two waterfalls are an incredible day trip to good again is probably the most visited of all the waterfalls, but.

I’m actually sharing with, you a little secret here Padang gulia is by far one of the most unknown waterfalls that is worth visiting in Bali, this is truly a local secret. And a lawful blonde find although, it’s a little smaller than to gonna gun it is no less magical. And it is definitely a photographer’s dream, you don’t have to compete with the crowds and, you still get a magical scene if you’re traveling for photography purposes this little Balinese gate here is actually a very popular photography destination there’s Balinese gates just like this one here all over the island, but this one is in my opinion the most iconic this gate here is actually kind of on the way back from Padang gulia.

So they can definitely be mixed into a day trip together if you’re looking for someone to show, you around Bali. I highly recommend Bali customized towards my friend Pancho has showed us around a couple of times. And he’s the best tour guide.

I’ve ever had keeping on the theme of the Balinese jungle we are now going into the depths, this is ubud ubud is a really cool kind of yogi easygoing town that has a very unique Balinese culture to it, it’s filled with local markets coffee shops incredible restaurants high-end hotels. And even low end hotels. So it fits all budgets ubud is pretty much a must visit place if you’re coming to Bali it definitely is one of the more popular tourist attraction.

So it does get busy if you’re looking for a fun day trip one of the things, you can do is the food monkey jungle although a bit of a tourist wrap it is quite fun to be able to see all those monkeys hanging out also worth noting if you’re looking to do a little interior decorating with your house who wood is full of these local craft shops the thing that. I love most about ubud is that once, you get out of the proper town area there’s some incredibly relaxing hotels or villas that, you can stay in we stayed in one place that was called a glamping Resort. And essentially we felt like we were in the middle of the jungle, but with a comfort of nice amenities.

And great food cinnamon apparently it has some of the best uploading speeds in all of good internet could be very challenging at. I’m compelled Atlanta one thing. I will definitely caution, you on though is that ubud is surrounded by rice paddies.

And rice paddies are inhabited by insects. I don’t know if you can see this, but look at this thing on our window oh my god, it’s literally just ate them off it has it in its mouth living in the world they’re building a nest in my room family met as soon as night struck there was a couple villas we stayed in where the open concept became our worst nightmare just make sure you’re prepared because, you know it might just bug some people we are now halfway number five, it’s actually a place that’s not in Bali, but, it’s close enough. I thought.

I would include it these are the gili islands. I’ve visited countless islands in my life. And the ghillies are some of my favorites there’s simply nothing more laid-back there are no cars here there is only pedal bike that basically gives, you an idea of the pace on the island everything is very slow-moving everything is very relaxed and, you can stay in fairly nice accommodation the budget backpacker accommodation is basically the whole spectrum, but definitely expect to spend more money on accommodation on beer.

And on food everything will be about twice the price if not more the ghillies actually has surprisingly great nightlife as well which is something. I wasn’t counting on, but definitely enjoyed a lot of people will come here with the intention of staying a day or two. And end up staying a full week, you can definitely find yourself getting in a bit of the nightlife routine they actually have some snorkeling tours.

And they’re only like 5 or 10 bucks they’re super affordable you’re on a boat for half the day they give, you a snorkel goggles. And even bring, you to a place where, you can get some food now that’s pretty much where they make most their money because there is a markup on the food, but, it’s totally worth the day trip even if the snorkeling was very mediocre at best, it’s a great way to meet people. And it often leads to a great night out of course one of the main activities of being in the gili islands is simply sitting on a recliner chair.

And a beer the beer of choice in Indonesia is called the bintang and. I must say it is some of my favorite beer now the next on the list is kuta. And kuta is actually a place that has very mixed reviews depending on who, you talk to some people will say they loved it some people will say they hated it tons of people come here to party get cheap food cheap drinks essentially, it’s the most westernized part of Bali.

And, it’s pretty much the nightlife capital of the island, this is definitely a place that a lot of backpackers like to come, but there are high-end budget people that stay here in the nicer hotels. And resorts it has pretty much everything for every budget if you’re just wanting to get into surfing. And you’re looking for a great beginners place pooja actually has a beach that’s fantastic for that the waves are very manageable and, you can pretty much go down to the beach.

And rent the surfboard on any single given day there’s no security deposit no insurance forms to fill out, you simply give a guy like 5 bucks he lends, you a surfboard. And you’re off now if you’re one of those people that need your Starbucks fix, you won’t have a hard time finding one in kuta because it has everything from Starbucks McDonald’s. And pretty much every other popular restaurant chain similar to seminyak.

I give it about a zero on the adventure scale, but if you’re just looking to chill out enjoy an affordable cost of living from accommodation to food then kuta could be your place now number four is somewhere. I have never been before, this is Lulu a2, this is a place that people absolutely rave about Lulu Wong who isn’t a very children tip of Bali. And one of the best things about it is that, you have a much quieter environment, but, you still have amazing villas hotels restaurants.

And some of them are even built on the side of a cliff there’s a few very iconic sites here including cliffside temples and. I highly recommend, you add to the Watson fearless the footage, you see here is not Allah watu, but it gives, you a bit of a feel for the area. I will be going to use a lot to thing when.

I go back to quality in like two weeks now number two on the list is a place called Kangoo. And Kangoo or Changu depending on how, you want to pronounce it is definitely one of my most favorite developed areas in Bali, it’s not off the beaten path, but it has enough of a quiet side that, you feel like you’re outside of the busyness of Bali. And yet, you have a nice surf town feel it there’s a lot of surf shops because, this is one of the best places to catch the great waves that hit Bali.

I tried it as a beginner and. I got destroyed but I will not discourage, you from trying it find everything from entry-level to expensive villas.

And hotels similar to GU Buddha in the sense it has kind of a laid-back feel to it, it’s very chilled out, it’s the kind of place where you’ve got those really hipstery trendy coffee shops. And restaurants. And other Beach town deals to it if you’re looking for what.

I believe is one of the best places to go out in Kangoo. I went out to Old Men. And yes that sounds really weird, but that’s probably the most popular.

And, it’s right near the ocean. So the after party normally becomes the beach. And my number one recommendation of Bali is really that attempt at a drumroll you’ve already seen a little text below that kind of gave it away, but Nusa Penida this right here is the hidden gem of Bali.

And it might not be staying that way for long. I was there about a year. And a half ago before anyone was talking about it.

And this place dropped my jaw within about a 45 minute ferry off the mainland of Bali we arrived this place is something out of a dream, it’s been over a year since. I’ve been there. And things have definitely changed first off going to Nusa Penida from when.

I laughs experienced it it had a bit of a challenge to it you’re definitely going to want to hire, it’s hard to show, you around for the day and. I would recommend doing two days the roads are very rough slightly undeveloped. And quite mountainous, you can definitely try to rent a scooter, but, this is one of the few places where.

I think it does make sense to have a drug there are two very notable lookout points this one right here that basically looks like a dinosaur head. And on the other side of yousuf Vita there’s this one right here staying in Nusa Penida will definitely cost, you a little bit more than the mainland because, it’s not overly developed, but it is very up-and-coming. So be ready for more devel and.

I highly recommend, you get here as soon as possible because this might not be the same story in five years. And these viewpoints might become a whole lot busier accommodations range from budget to medium scale. I don’t believe there’s anything to high-end on the island, but again that could quickly change that has been my top 10 guys.

I hope, you like that my name is Christian also known as lost LeBlanc if you’re new here make sure to hit comment because. I’m doing weekly informational posts all about traveling across Southeast Asia. And.

I’m doing a big upcoming trip to Indonesia once again to show, you part outside of Bali. And maybe I’ll dabble a little bit involved because. I just love it.

So much there, but make sure to be following me on Instagram on blog on Facebook all of my social media it is padlock Leblanc thanks for reading guys. And let’s get off them the next one. ?

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