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Kansas City, Missouri, with over 250 fountains and known as the City of Fountains, is said to have more fountains than Rome. From the famed J.C. Nichols Memorial Fountain and the Children’s Fountain, to the Muse of Missouri and fountains that run red during football season, fountains are a major tourist attraction in the city. The fountains of Kansas City are mapped at The following are famous fountains in other U.S. cities:

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• Buckingham Memorial Fountain (Chicago, IL)

• Crown Fountain (Chicago, IL)

• Fort Worth Water Gardens (Fort Worth, TX)

• Fountain of Time (Chicago, IL)

• Fountains of Bellagio (Las Vegas, NV)

• James Scott Memorial Fountain (Detroit, MI)

• Peace Fountain Cathedral of St John the Divine (New York, NY)

• Pineapple Fountain (Charleston, SC)

• The Unisphere (Queens, NY)

• Vaillancourt Fountain (San Francisco, CA)

• World War II Memorial Fountain (Washington, DC)

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Ghost Tours

According to L.B. Taylor, Jr., author of The Ghosts of Virginia (14 volumes, 1996-

2013, Washington blog Distributors), there are literally hundreds of thousands of submissions on scores of websites from people reporting personal ghost encounters. A search for ‘ghosts,’ on Google or Yahoo! supports this. Capitalizing on the interest in ghost stories, companies throughout the U.S. have promoted ghost walks and tours. Some are seasonal, particularly around Halloween, others offer tours year round.

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“Attendance is enormous. Many such events are sold out well in advance and some draw customers in the hundreds and even thousands.”

L.B. Taylor, Jr., Author The Ghosts of Virginia

The 2016 Readers Choice Awards poll ranked the Best Ghost Tours as follows:

• Bulldog Ghost Tours (Charleston, SC)

• Appalachian GhostWalks (Tennessee and Virginia)

• Blue Orb Tours (Savannah, GA)

• Old Bisbee Ghost Tour (Bisbee, AZ)

• Haunted Heartland Tours (Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia)

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• Chattanooga Ghost Tours (Chattanooga, TN)

• Ghost Tours of Harpers Ferry (Harpers Ferry, WV)

• Ghosts of Gettysburg (Gettysburg, PA)

• Ybor City Ghost Tour (Tampa, FL)

• Ghost Tours of Catalina (Catalina, CA)

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