Take A Walk Even If It’S On The Mild Side

Sitting is the new smoking, and the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle are particularly important when it comes to heart disease.

However, researchers have looked at data from 39 countries and found that you don’t have to go hard out to improve your health prospects.

Take A Walk Even If It’S On The Mild Side Photo Gallery

Getting even small amounts of mild activity like yoga, strolling or even light housework can help protect you.


We already know that walking clears the mind, but scientists say taking a stroll can also boost creativity.

Researchers from Stanford University found that people who took a short (six to 15-minute) walking break increased creative thinking by 40 to 60 per cent, compared to those who stayed sitting at a desk.

Experts initially put this down to increased blood flow to the brain, but now they believe there’s more to it than that.

Researchers say the coordination required to walk and pay attention to our surroundings is just enough to activate parts of the brain that are responsible for deeper thinking, while still letting the mind wander. This combination of thought patterns allows for increased creativity and insight.

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