Those Bali sunrises are so beautiful Monday mornings February the 20th 2018 from Bali Indonesia full transparency in today’s post I think I got food poisoning last night was pretty I’ve been a little bit better this morning. But still, I’m gonna hold off on going for my morning swim, and workout going to just kind of take it easy before I start this post off I want to say thank you to everyone for all the comments, and the likes, and everything on the past two posts especially that one post when I went to the clip with the scooter by the blue lagoon at that post it’s really hard sometimes to translate a feeling through a camera like that that was a very I would almost say life-changing experience just that solo travel. Because I’ve never done anything like that before I’ve never gone backpacking or you know for some people a super casual to do without my first time doing it, and I was loving life thanks for reading the posts, and sharing them with your friends we can pouring them it means a lot it means a lot. But with all that said I was wondering if anyone wanted me to make a post about travel tips just like a straight up post about everything I kind of learned from this trip thus far to Bali. Because it’s been very very very varied that a thing it’s been very just the different levels of travel you know from backpacking staying in tiny huts to staying in this place, I’m going to finish some work. Because that’s another part of these posts that you’ll see is the fact that I spent probably a good six to seven hours a day working on this computer.


So while it may seem like kind of just all travel, and sunshine which it is you know there’s work you’re still always working even before I start doing there were guys that I watched, and I saw what they were doing, and I was just thinking to myself how in the hell are these people living like this, and it seems. So unattainable and. So impossible, and even a friend of mine Dilma gasser Hey a friend of mine Dylan Makassar he was the same way he started a blog, and it’s recent, and blowing up he does tiny living, and van life that’s what you want to see let me know there you have it mmm-hmm breakfast is served this morning I have a garden salad a shot of ginger watermelon, and I believe there might be something else in there possibly mango orange juice water, and the cappuccino thank you sir is it final look through the place make sure I have everything I would miss this spot this big big empty villa to myself check the bathroom parting is such sweet sorrow that Shakespeare I will miss this place it’s nice for a day or two days. But a week in a resort like this it’s a bit bit too much Hey yeah sure thank you wait. So you say free upgrade yeah Wow free upgrade, and weak enough cypresses they’ve heard no one as definite as school oh my gosh hope you like it look at this place oh my gosh Wow Wow I don’t even know where to begin or what to say I just have to backtrack. So I booked the flight to Bali with a friend Paulina she got sick I went off on this motorbike excursion to a bunch of cool island came back to Bali hung out with the rest of the crew for a little bit, and then went on my own way. Because this company emailed me to go, and check out some villas in exchange for making freelance posts, and that has led me here I am at the purest villa in ubud if I was actually going to make a post on this subject.

But a good friend of mine Christian LeBlanc made a post on it covering the whole subject in its entirety I think he gave a speech on it at a conference the post is titled how to make money off of social media, and Christian did an amazing job of explaining it. So, I’m just going to link his post down below go check out his post especially with what I do in the travel sector it involves a lot of collaborations with Hotel villas Airlines things like that. So go check out Christians post everyone seems to love these, I’m going to give a quick tour of this place very very fast then, I’m going to get out of here, and adventure. Because I wanted to come up to the mountains to go through the Monkey Forest, and jump off a waterfall that’s what we’re gonna do. But first you might ask yourself what is the first thing you do when you get to a private villa in Bali, and you just got a free room upgrade you do a cannonball well you know this would be a lot easier if had a cameraman. But, I’m making do you walk in through the front door first thing you see is this ridiculous infinity pool complete with little water fountains you look down this way there’s a patio with a huge daybed another little daybed he walked down on the terrace you look back this way you see the pool, and then over here there’s a little lounge area with some nice flowers this is the master suite with one of the biggest beds I’ve seen in my life couch here a nice table over this way there’s a desk to get some work done a sensual painting of Indonesian woman you come over to the bed, and there’s a huge gun you see what I did there huge gun we mows your way on into the bathroom huge huge bathroom mirror walk straight back through the bathroom, and there is a massive massive tub, and and that’s pretty much it, and I say pretty much. But that’s a oh my gosh that’s ridiculously the monkey yeah yeah I have a question do the monkeys attack at Monkey Forest.

Because I’ve post a few people who live in Indo yeah, and they said the monkeys can attack. So they do it all, I’m from New York City you know in New York City yeah no how long is – yeah ah three weeks three with a three weeks no not in ubud ubud just three days it would do it on Friday I go to Japan oh would you plan a long trip yeah yeah. But first the monkey this is the official air Conover guide to the Monkey Forest in Ubud first lucky it’s a buy ticket to come in which is only four dollars. But as soon as you walk in there’s monkey yeah buddy Oh bye-bye oh my god has a big boy welcome to the monkey forest in ubud it’s so crazy how these monkeys are just. So used to people they’re just driven by food no that’s not food, and backpack is not food, I’m sorry the monkeys are soldiers to people they just jump up on your bag, and start eating your backpack Abu get off my bag Abu no main things to keep in mind never ever look the monkeys in the eyes they see as a sign of like oh, I’m challenging you. So you kind of just like look off what’s the boot oh what’s he doing no that’s the camera you know you cannot eat that are you want to keep going to jump off you can’t follow me I have to leave oh no you can’t grab that, I’m sorry I have to go oh they’re yours oh there’s a daddy your Big Daddy’s coming holy monkey forest ten out of ten the monkeys all pretty happy really well fed if you’re in Ubud it comes with monkey forest go pet monkey really cool ah. But now what now I have to find a scooter, and delay from the my gram-gram yes why, I’m nice to meet you yeah when, I’m on these cycles I feel like Brad Pitt in that movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button there’s one scene where he’s wearing a leather jacket he’s on his motorcycle cruising down New Orleans that’s what I feel like when I ride these little scooters stuff a little less badass.

But, I’m cruising along, and I see this beautiful beautiful rice paddy and, I’m pretty sure it’s a famous one. Because there’s lots of tourists. But I come over here my friend Waianae friends like hey do you want a beer offers me a beer now just hanging out overlooking this Vista your life is good in Bali oh my god look at this slider this looks good at night look at that I almost like this place better at night than during the day that kind of weirds me out at hotels when you come back, and you can tell someone’s been in there let’s take a little peek see okay my villa has been transformed into a sex den when I checked in at the front desk I kept staying on by myself they kept asking if someone was joining me they kept saying will mr. Eric if someone color wink wink nod nod is so incoming mr. Eric, and I could say no, and I come back to my bedroom where’s the entrance let me in that man where the hell is the entry vote this is complicated I could get used to this what is this a little present on the bed I bet you, I’m going to do this right now I have not opened this yet I bet you five dollars that there’s a condom in here see let’s see okay I was way way off the mark or cookies man I just got my mind in the gutter either that or I gotta get laid joke jokes in the posts I like how I can be real news posts are more real. Because, I’m not alive when I first started at blog way way back one I feel like yes they’re kind of the need to feel like you have to keep it PG when you start on challenges.

Because you’re blasting out your voice to the whole world, and you don’t know who the hell is reading. But as you go on that you know you make. So many posts, and you just kind of alright this is where I ended big Gong is calling my name huge king-size bed tomorrow morning, I’m waking up at the crack of dawn, I’m going to hit it early and, I’m going to a waterfall monkey forest checked off the list waterfall, and volley next up on the agenda I have a few in mind, and I want to go very early. So there’s no people there. So I make sure watch tomorrow. Because it’s going to be freaking epic comment down below your favorite part post, and I will see you tomorrow from Bali. So until tomorrow everyone as always remember to smile more worry less, and live your passion good night.

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