Map of Northern Lights Reykjavik

People travel from all over the world to visit Iceland to see the Northern Lights. Tonight, we’re gonna try our luck via small-group Super Jeep. So we’re just leaving Reykjavik now. We’re on the hunt for the Northern Lights. Our guide is taking us out, we’re looking for a break in the sky, we’re looking for the right energy, we’re looking for the Northern Lights gods to look down on us and show us a little something special.

Map of Northern Lights Reykjavik Photo Gallery

But it’s a hunt, that’s all part of the fun. So we gotta be patient and diligent. They come on just a brief moment and then they disappear. Sometimes they can be there for like, 10-15 minutes, sometimes two or three hours.

It all depends on the activity. The magic of the Northern Lights can be seen when electrons from the Sun’s solar flares react with the Earth’s atmosphere.

Do you see them? Oh my gosh! It’s like moving ever so slightly, it keeps changing position, changing color. I feel like I’m looking at a screensaver. What an incredible experience. This has been the perfect way to end this day in Iceland.

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