Biking down the Death Road in La Paz Bolivia Travel

Happy Birthday Gringo! Steve, welcome to the Death Road! It all starts now. the expedition on the death road by bike! We are here preparing everything. so we get our bikes. this will be my bike and what is the name? Colombia! My bikes name is columbia today so let’s hop on After spilling some alcohol for Pacha Mama on the earth and our bikes for a good ride we started with the first stretch on a wide paved road stopping at a cliff where a bus had gone over (years ago) the second leg was much faster and the views have been spectacular. until we finally arrived at the real death road This is it: the world’s most dangerous road or: “Yungas road” It is a beautiful day! Yeah absolutely! Usually at this height we have a lot of clouds.

Biking down the Death Road in La Paz Bolivia Travel Photo Gallery

So we are blessed today as we can see until the bottom of the road This is the wet season and typically it’s wet 😉 the next few kilometres have been really thrilling with some sheer drops of more than feets especially because you have to stick to the left side when going down because upcoming traffic drives on the inside of the road since thousands have been killed, about a dozen of these have been bicyclists the crosses along the way make you not feel better at all we have done one third I feel OK. a little bit tired but motivated! okay! of course we enjoyed an amazing downhill ride from meters to the jungle at meters with breathtaking views and some nice waterfall crossings. moreover we had a lot of stops to enjoy the scenery We did it!!! Survived the dead road! Look they all survived! Okay guys next attempt to die: Zip-Lining! Wohooo! So guys that was the Birthday edition of my HolaGringo trip biking on death road. doing Zip-Lines. and riding with the car through the valley which was the most dangerous part I guess :). so we see each other in the next post blog post where I show you around in Cusco and afterwards show you Machu Picchu! See you and keep following!

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