Cape Cod Canal Striper Fishing

Polarising Glasses

Brilliant for spotting fish and features, polarising glasses are essential for any angler who likes to stalk, lure or fly fish. I simply wouldn’t leave home without mine, for any style of fishing. Even when float fishing on a muddy canal, a decent pair will spare you a headache watching for bites in sunny conditions.

Weed Rake

This item of kit is not so common, but highly valued by those in the know. They are usually homemade by fastening two garden rake heads back to back, before attaching a length of chain or strong rope. Thrown and dragged through the swim, this not only clears an area to fish but will also stir up the bottom a treat. Tench fishers find this especially beneficial.

Cape Cod Canal Striper Fishing Photo Gallery

It may be an item you must make yourself, but a weed rake is well worth the effort on weedy canals.


In the course of a year on the Cut, a great variety of baits come to the fore. Everything from a tiny squat to a whole sardine has its place. The one necessity is to use the best quality bait you can find. This doesn’t mean great expense, but the angler who is prepared to take a little extra care and effort will be rewarded.

Some of the very finest baits cost little: I would be lost without a simple white loaf of bread or a handful of worms from the compost heap. Others come at a higher premium, but more than repay their expense when it comes to catching fish.

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