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A more egregious Bubble was never blown up, than the Madagascar Metro Map Story of Commissioners coming to treat with the Congress. Yet it has gained Credit like a Charm Madagascar Metro Map , not only without but against the clearest Evidence. I never shall forget the Delusion, which seized our best and most sagacious Friends the dear Inhabitants of Boston, the Winter before last. Credulity and the Want of Foresight, are Imperfections in the human Character, that no Politician can sufficiently guard against. You have given me some Pleasure, by your Account of a certain House in Queen Street. I had burned it, long ago, in Imagination.

Returning to the front, he pointed to a slight elevation in the land and the remnants of rocks partially buried in the ground. These aged rocks had likely formed the original farmhouse foundation. Bev and I stepped onto the elevation which had likely been the front of the Crouch home. I recalled an old newspaper article saying Jacob Crouch’s body had been lying in an alcove in the front of the home. Perhaps this was the very area in which we now stood.

I felt a cool breeze and, at the same time an unexpected, dull pain on my chest as though I’d been hit with something. The breeze certainly hadn’t been strong enough to do that, and I wasn’t aware of an object striking me. The pain quickly subsided, it seemed relatively unimportant at the time and was quickly forgotten. The next morning, however, I would find a rather painful bruise. What is even more bizarre, the bruise was in such a position that, if it had been caused by a bullet, would have pierced my heart.

As the evening progressed, Sean Campbell joined Bev and I as we began our investigation of the house. A narrow stairway took us to the basement. With a high ceiling and cinderblock walls, we could tell it was a relatively new construction. To be honest, as creepy as most basements are, this area felt rather benign. We ran a short EVP session before heading back upstairs.

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