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Follow South Street to its end at the Cross, which Oakland Metro Map you will see clearly ahead of you as you proceed up the street. Though far from being Oakland Metro Map the most interesting street in Chichester, South Street boasts a number of eye-catching buildings. On the right as you go up, just past Theatre Lane, is No. 43 South Street, a splendid redbrick building dating from 1792 and formerly a theatre. Next door, No. 44 is a fine flint building that was built about 1820, and just beyond that is the Wren-style Regnum Club that has eighteenth-century features.
With infrared video cameras, still cameras and an assortment of audio recorders and EMF meters packed away, we headed out in search of the truth. Lorena Wygant and her Hauntings Paranormal Research team would be the investigative group working with us on this short but aggressive investigation of the sheriff’s residence and jailhouse.

Bev and I have worked with Lorena and her group before and respect their serious, straight-forward approach to investigation. We’ve also had some incredibly fun moments together and shared some hearty laughs, which always make an investigation more fun.

On the drive out to Michigan’s west side, I shared some of Allegan’s history with Bev. The name Allegan is said to come from the Native American tribe “Allegawi” or “Allegans” believed by some to have been identical with the mound builders. The county was organized in 1835. The region’s dense forests and location along the Kalamazoo River made it a major trade route, and the small community rapidly grew. In 1907, Allegan was incorporated as a city.

Today, any visitor to Allegan must visit the historic downtown district. It is considered one of Michigan’s best-preserved historic locations. Largely unchanged from its early days, most of the homes and businesses date from the early 1800s to early 1900s. The nostalgically charming downtown offers a unique variety of antiques and gift shops, restaurants, and professional businesses.

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