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Five other main highways enter Mexico from U.S. border towns: MEX 2, Nogales-Mexico City; MEX 45, the Pan-American Highway, El Paso-Mexico City; Eagle Pass-Mexico City; MEX 85, Laredo or Brownsville-Mexico City and Brownsville-Mazatlan.

In reaching Mexico City from the U.S. the motorist climbs to altitudes over two thousand meters. The Nogales-Mexico City road reaches 3,060 meters.

History of Mexico: Close to the viewpoint, a path going off to the Mexico Map Tourist Attractions left offers a detour to the hilltop village of Fairlight, although it is well over a mile Mexico Map Tourist Attractions away. The churchyard contains quite an impressive array of tombstones, and Gilbert & Sullivan buffs may wish to seek out the memorial stone to Richard D’Oyly Carte. From Lovers Seat there is another descent, into Warren Glen, and this plunge is quite a difficult one, as the path is not only steep but stony. Be very careful, and watch where you are putting your feet. There are fewer trees in this glen than in the other glens, but if you look up you will see oak, hazel, beech and ash, and in the moister areas of the glen itself you should look out for alium and golden saxifrage. Now you are faced with yet another long and strenuous climb, but you can be reassured that there is nothing as tough to follow.

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