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Oh, that it were thus Improved. III. Instruct Baltimore Metro Map your children in the great matters of Salvation; Oh, Parents, do not let them die Baltimore Metro Map without instruction. There is indeed, an Instruction in Civil Matters which we owe unto our Children. It is very pleasing to our Lord Jesus Christ, that our Children be well formed with, and well informed in the rules of Civility, and not be left a Clownish, and Sottish, and Ill Bred sort of Creatures. An Unmannerly Brood is a Dishonour to Religion.

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S. and H. Morton and Co. Leith built and completed her as Yard No. 46 in April 1885; she was launched on 28 February 1885 for the Leith, Hull and Hamburg Steam Packet Co. Ltd, Leith with J. Currie and Co. the manager. The single iron screw was powered by a 122-nhp, two-cylinder compound steam engine that used two (OBS) single-ended boilers working at a pressure of 65 psi, with six corrugated furnaces, 6.50 sq.

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