West Thumb Geyser Basin Walking Tour

The boardwalk around West Thumb Geyser Basin is about one-half mile (0.8 km) long. It takes you to the main portion of this basin, which has few geysers but is outstanding for its scenic setting and beautiful hot springs. Since there is less sulfur in the chemical mix brought up from below, the rotten egg smell so common to other basins is less strong here. In some seasons and some years, the colors in and around the hot springs are spectacular. Thermal features are changeable, however, so if the colors you see are rather ordinary at the time you’re here, come back another time! Bison, deer, and waterfowl are often seen in the area. A pamphlet describing the basin is available. NOTE: © The boardwalk through the basin is nearly level and accessible to wheelchairs, but on the hill farthest from the parking lot, assistance may be required.

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