Bright, and early on a Wednesday mornings the 2nd of March it’s 5:50 in the morning we’re packing up the boards waiting on Jess, and Gary we’re taking a little Dawn Patrol surf mission south of where we’re staying right now go check out the surf there it’s a little bigger down there than in front of the surf in just another day in Costa Rica laptop underneath the seat here all right look a right oh look at that. So we drove two miles south of the surf in, and this is our friend Lewis house we stayed here last time we had the whole place to herself. But like I said yesterday he has a child now. So no more staying at Louise I mean at least for this trip what do you think of this compared to most the volcanic stand as well mm-hmm ready oh look a guy ripping out on the beach gary is 64 years old before he goes surfing he stretches, and does push-ups before he gets in the water that’s impressive all right.


I’m gonna go in the water I love you there he comes finally coming out to see me again to rescue me off of the sand the hot burning fan you came back you came back I thought you had disappeared I couldn’t find you anywhere for a little perspective we are staying all the way way way way down Beach I don’t even know if we can zoom that far we’re saying all the way down there where that little mountain comes, and meets the ocean that’s where we’re staying just got out of the water had a snack having some iced coffee with the one, and only Lady Africa I can feel myself burning I forgot my facebook screen I know it’s so red – it’s 9 a.m. I was out in the lineup surfing and, I’m pretty sure there was three Australians there’s myself gay are you British British guy, and then everyone else was just speaking Spanish, and I heard a lot of Gringo’s a lot of Gringo’s, and you know it’s so cool. Because last time I was here was four years ago, and I wasn’t on social media at all Instagram didn’t exist or just was launched I had a Facebook account Twitter I had no cool about making posts and, I’m glad to travel with especially you know there’s two travel together, and to be able to post, and have it oh there get oh oh my stepdad Gary it yeah I said it earlier Gary’s he’s 63 or 64 he’s out there on a stand-up paddleboard getting barreled, and getting barreled on the stand-up paddleboard it’s impressive you know he does she uses the paddle to balance himself yeah, I’m the water yeah Gary shredder though some getting pretty high now it’s like 9:30.

So we’re gonna head back to the surf in have some breakfast maybe a little siesta also look who’s joining us in Costa Rica my mom texted me last night she’s like more pictures of flat Bubba we need more I got a great one to buy my butt oh yeah she’ll love the head we’re back at the surf in, and we’re gonna go grab some breakfast coffee chairs in Costa Rica more sexy pictures above we’re talking about my mom wants pictures of flat Bubba with Jessica oh right out front it’s going off right now oh he’s going for it oh yeah there we go look at that three plates of fruit coffees we have friends from me hello Bobo that there just just waiting for you – OH feed him all your food we’re gonna head back to the Casa for a little bit of a siesta I found the keys you know how we have squirrels in New York City they have huge iguanas just laying out on the roof catching a sunbath look at him oh oh where is he going he’s looking right I had a another guy on the roof right here a little baby iguana coming up at the balcony now, and I need to work out. Because I haven’t done a workout for days, I’m still doing the 90 day challenge. So, I’m in the middle of that. So this is what, I’m going to do it there is a beam right here then when it uses a pull-up bar, I’m going to do some push-ups here on the balcony, and some sit-ups that’s about it all right he’s repping out for me no she says look at those muscles a little bit back muscles wee little cute dimples. But good good good more think about the Sequoias think about how much you want in a granite wanna wait, and say what you said about how the Gowanus are like the pigeons here oh yeah the iguanas are literally like positions there’s as gone around.

And I bought their heads to mark their territory like everywhere well I work out Jess’s laying out getting a tan, and reading our tumor cause there’s these two big McCall’s that every morning they fly from here across over here they land in that tree, and they preen each other, and make noises like they’re fighting Jessica just saw them hey who knows his beauty existed in this world look how stunning he is he’s literally flawless look at that their game was oh there they go Oh beautiful McCall jess is sitting out here, and she has this huge bowl fruit look how delicious this looks oh goodness Costa Rica is heaven really it’s code seven I’ve nothing to say anyway anywhere else you know what time it is it is almost time to head down to the beach. Because once that Sun gets to right about here that’s when everyone goes back down to the beach tide starts coming in go out, and surf, and world-famous slack rope Walker Jessica Clements can you do the one leg where you put your one leg up like a ballerina ooh whoa okay we’re down here right in front of the surf in golden hours upon us Jessica Clements is on the slackline we’re doing a little fashion shoot this run across that gets fire the concentration the speed Oh surfer girl Jessica from Massachusetts fish-out-of-water in Costa Rica there goes Gary out for another surf the Golden Hour surf sessions go my gosh you break your hand trying to slap my ass breaks her hand Jessica with the back flop see what I mean she’s like a fish out of water fish out of water take my hand like critter screams all a bad kata inside, I’m side well the parties that are give a spa Sunita vida there’s nothing else like this in the whole world every single day the Sun sets like that you want to go skinny dipping it up to this yeah I just had the most amazing, and I just felt like I had to record it I guess.

But, I’m just standing here I was checking of the air current of R’lyeh in it such a nice refreshing beer on the beach and, I’m just reading the sunset it’s just pure content still alive I feel just energized you feel energized I did So I feel very i’ve been fitted with every night. But I chose bed you just have this overwhelming feeling of relaxation, and I’ve never really felt that feeling before oh, and it’s overwhelming it’s exactly what it is is overwhelming, and I don’t want to leave I don’t want to go back to me right now Media builds it up so much, and then you’re going visit, and it seems like this cool place. So good going on. But then going there, and actually living there, and being in that parcel, and Brussels Constance or diamond it wears on you so much well you know what else I’ve been thinking a lot about this, and I I mean I said this earlier in my New Year’s resolutions. But I want to start traveling a lot more this year make it a point to travel a lot more just. Because think about everything we’ve experienced since we’ve been here culture who surf this ceviche my mom texted me this morning she was food must have been good last night half and. Because I stuck here in all cash oh my god that’s a bj oh my god that too oh my god am i end of day number three in Hermosa Costa Rica Costa Rica.

So until tomorrow everyone remember to smile more worry less pura vida if you guys like this post give it a thumbs up leave us a comment down below that’s not how you’re doing whoever you are in the world, and we’ll see you guys brain early tomorrow for another five am Dawn Patrol who knows what we got going on he knows what’s going on.

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