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Hey everybody, and welcome to our 50th country I can’t believe we’ve made it to 50 like we weren’t counting countries anything has happened to get me out. But yes welcome away it’s like guys I love welcomes we made it currently 7 a.m. in the morning on our last day here in police we’ve been here for a whole week, and we’re about to jump on a little ferry, and head over to the state yes. So pretty much this week we’re catching you guys up like a little post blog diary style here you want to say hi Gary no he is busy guarding us at the moment. Because some stingrays, and sharks like to come through our lagoon, and he decides he’s the big boss man, and will protect us the police is kinda like the Maldives is a lot of little islands, and we’ve come to cake Holker now Kay Coco’s actually split into two islands, and we’ve been living on the north side of it the island where there’s no one there’s no one know us, and the Rangers that work on the waters like we’re staying in this tiny little shack surrounded by mangroves, I’m pretty sure there’s crocodiles living in the mangroves, and then we’re just around another Caribbean Sea, and that is it. So on this pretty much uninhabited island we’ve come to check out our neighbors who are these little guys it’s a pretty much next door to us awesome crocodiles, and they built a little sanctuary for them. So they can be looked after. But it’s nice to know who the neighbors are, and to see if they’ll lend us some milk there is nobody else here we’ve been living at the Ranger’s office this is our taxi I think he’s found something buddy there’s nothing there. So he lives there we live underneath I have to give you guys a room.

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So someone that’s been here since March has told us that what we see here it was so much more primitive she’s done some like adjustments first one that she was super proud of put a toilet into a cave a toilet, and then you just use seawater to flush the toilet, and goes into a bit of a septic tank I also need to show you guys the shower situation or lack thereof a shower this is the beautiful shower, and then what happens is it’s kind of like a camping camps hour. So if you guys have ever been camping you might have seen one of these if you’ve gone really ruled. So you fill this up with water leave it out during the day to warm up, and then you just switch it on, and you shower in here, and then just put this up. So no one can see you we do have a fresh water catchment which is nice. So during the like rainy season we have a lot of fresh water apparently one point that you just had such bad rainfall that all that we could use it for was cooking, and brushing your teeth, and no showers everyone just stank, and like rented out rooms in a hostel at the South Island of the weekend. So you can shower by the way we haven’t showered yet. So probably smell, and then just in here is where we have been living in hello it’s a little area here we got a little kitchen going on cooking up some lunch, I’ll run through gas and, I’ll give you guys a bit of a room tour.

So it’s all bunks, I’m staying in top one there jess is in this one here. So you guys might be wondering why we’ve come to beliefs here in the Caribbean well we wanted to do some more diving after the Galapagos wanted that trouble life I think we just love it being Australian, and the diving Inca lettuce was so amazing I was like Steve we have to go, and spend the rest of our time diving. So we had a look on that, and we were like oh let’s do the Caribbean, and then we did some research, and we found that in Belize there are two projects here that you can come, and work out which meant it kind of gave our dives a purpose we weren’t just going for a week diving there’s actually a reason to die see there’s two projects here one is a coral reef project, and one is a manatee project yes you guys know we love our animals. So kind out here, and being able to dive with manatees it’s almost like a bucket list dive yes bucket list. But diving incredible. So every single morning would hop on this little dingy boat, and head out into the reef, and what we would do is we’ll have 30 meter tape measurers, and we would line it along the reef, and then we’ll collect data of what coral we would see how healthy the coral is what marine life is living around the coral, and then they can use that to know the fisheries where to not fish, and where to not have tourists come.

So they can look after the reef here yeah. Because we need to look after the reefs. So that the manatees are here. So that you guys can come see the manatees. So it’s really important that we are working with the Fisheries Department yeah they’ve been doing this project for like a year now, and he’ll not volunteer anytime you want it’s really awesome, and you can get your diving certificate here you can come, and learn how to dive, and then go, and help the reef warning carnations super rustic accommodations the other stay that no running water no electricity, and no Wi-Fi our legs look like we have to beacon pops up yeah, and quick like graphic warning if you think this is graphic. But, I’m gonna show you my legs, and my feet just to show you how bad the sand flies here also I scratched them which is not good. So I kind of like irritated them.

But that I don’t know if you guys can see all the dots can you see that it’s also yes Steven this Hobbit feet yeah. But a sand flies are real guys what they’re kind of healing now. But don’t you just hate feet all right no more feet show that’s it. So we’ve roasted one of the most amazing guys ever diving with the manatees now they were around there. Because we’re collecting information about the seagrass. So you can see where there are eating areas that they’re skipping. So that we can get all that information to kind of map out where the manatees are that means that the folks, I’m allowed to go on cross those areas if they know there’s like a large population of manatees there especially manatees come here to breed not really eat, I’m so cool be a black dude eyes do work already guys it’s always so much fun scoot I mean if you guys have never beat do it go for a little like test drive once you go die mean you honestly will never go back it’s not this Oh much better.

Because you get to stay down longer spend more time observing has a little small boat Elena, I’m so cool be a black dude eyes do work. Because we were there working out how much seagrass was there, and at the same time being surrounded by manatees that’s what I think I love volunteering. Because you can go into a dive like a tourist we can go do a dive, and make a difference. Because why you guys know why we love my ones here in surgery yet we kind of had another insane dive I thought you had to go to like the Bahamas to do this I know right sorry there was an area code shark, and right Ellie yeah. So we jump in the water, and straightaway we are surrounded by nurse sharks, and stingrays, and I was like more nervous of the stingrays, and I feel like there’s a whole steve-o anthe no sharks aren’t dangerous that’s fine they were literally eating, and Steven to swim right through them like what are you doing that we don’t such amazing diets as last a week from like the Galapagos to here it’s been really yours yeah. So now we want to secluded as it looks we were staying on the North Island, and only about 10 minutes on a boat you can get to the South Island, and that’s where civilization is that is where we are right now we would come over here if we really felt like some civilization get some cocktails, and Wi-Fi no Wi-Fi, and also the locals love the karaoke. So we would literally just sit there, and watch the locals singing they actually loved it alrighty saying goodbye to a home which has been a home for the last week just caught all this fresh lobster right yeah I have to show you the spot that we’ve been obsessed with not margarita Mike.

So now you guys are thinking that ice, and beans they do absolutely incredible ice, and mockers, and these little donuts, and a spoon that’s my type of Island cocktail thank you so much Cheers oh yeah beyond a coffee lover he’s gonna convince you to come here says the end of the day we’ve got ourselves some cocktails we’ve got a coconut sunrise, and it kind of does look like a sunrise. But yeah we just hit the sports bar a little tropical vibe to this place, and we’re having our first cocktail in the Caribbean. So one day that we did come down to the South Island for breakfast we tried the local dish. Because you have to try the dishes when you’re here it’s called the Belizean fry Jack aka heart attack for breakfast you can’t go to beliefs, and not try a fry Jack I can I grab a convene project please thank you oh man the famous fried Jack this is pretty much a heart attack in a healer I don’t know. So it’s like that ah, and what they do is they put it in like oil, and fry it up, and then they stuff it with beans, and eggs mm-hmm good man it is the locals eat we did try, and recreate it back at camp one morning, and it completely failed we just made big lumps of hard bread fried you know what they know how to do it know what’s best. So I hope you guys enjoyed this little post blog style we decided to do the this post a little bit different let us know if you did enjoy it kind of recapping on our week, and taking it along there. Because we want to chat to you guys a bit more.

But I hope you enjoyed it we’re off to the US another 45 minutes is too long, and we’re leaving 30-degree weather put down Fahrenheit, and we’re gonna be entering zero degree weather great okay thanks so much if you guys are new around here please hit comment, and give us a thumbs up if you enjoyed post.

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