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Hey adlet Hey everybody, and welcome to Adelaide we are so excited. Because we’ve never been to this city before I was like a sore spot on our Australian City bucket list we’re pretty much is going to go for a little bit of a walk around I think we’re to go do like a marketer, and just see like the city of that way me you just come tons like the central part of Adelaide, and I fear that we might be getting a copy at the markets are you excited very we live an hour here. So to try, and see as much as you can this is Adelaide in one hour early this place first pizza store in South Australia, and if this crowd is any indication it’s 9:30 in the morning super popular right this time you I always think that honey from King Puru Island I knew this one would be for you do-good natee 70 DB t.

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So funny in Australia how we think that a shop that is a hundred years old were like wow. But that’s we sold this transformer, I’m sure where you guys are from there’s right shops like way all righty Adelaide we are soul I think we need to come, and plan a trip to come here, and spend a couple of days, and also we want to go check out Kangaroo Island as well, I’m sold we’re coming back to Everly. But now you probably know that they feed us pretty well on the train. So we did not need to buy food we did though auntie was a really cool market alrighty Adelaide that was very quick. But we’ll be back soon has to see some green again I’ve you’ve enjoyed like I was a change in Australia over this trip next up we are going to Broken Hill incorrect next stop is lunch a fool no no, I’m not for we skipped breakfast we did what we just went on a food tour Oh this looks great thank you we’re definitely the kids. But we also a fancy champagne glass today on the menu it is some phyllo pastry, and some fancy saucy style. So beautiful today I love the farmland look it’s a pink lake that looks.

So cold notice that we are going back to your the are back no more green stuff guys do realize we have less than 24 hours on this train, and drinks are unlimited. So we’re heading to the lounge, and grabbing some more drinks before again this is the incredible drinks cabinet we grabbed three ciders please that’s looks incredible thank you so much just arrived in Broken Hill which is the place that Priscilla Queen of the desert was posted at you guys haven’t heard of it is a very famous Australian movie, and things are here we’re all going to go to a drag show if you’ve seen the movie you’ll know exactly why we’re going to a drag show just taking a walk back to the train that was so funny you liked it I did do if she got pulled up on stage he was literally hiding behind his camera, I’m not gonna pull it up hope you have a longer time come on down you’re the great Saturday the lost meal, and I am first up sweet potato soup thank you so much the courier service I have a second dog vegetable juice a calm what if you sign up we are going to find that all right, and deal with some sticky note, and we wouldn’t do it without your story oh my god shared Carla staying you why did we order extra ice cream my best bet is our room is gonna be made for us yay all right guys we’re off to bed that was our last day on the train tomorrow we head to Sydney we’re both ready for a good night sleep. But the adventure still continues we’re gonna show you guys around sydney, and then we’re gonna go to Melbourne yay be fun good night guys.

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