Essen Düsseldorf Subway Map

Some Important Knots

Clove hitch

This is a practical knot, for it can be tied very quickly. Its one drawback for use with animals is that it can be difficult to untie if on animal pulls hard on it.

Eskimo bowline

This is the knot. If you could only have one knot, However hard you pull on it, it won’t jam. We use it this wauld be the one to choose. It can be tied in with dogs, horses, reindeer pretty much every- four seconds and loosened in a quarter second. where and with everything. It’s the king of knots.

Attaching a line to a rope

Swaddled in fins and blankets and held in place by boards on either side, babies generally travel iit night, when there are fewer mosquitoes.

These insects can be very fierce in the heat of an arctic day.

Opposite: Handing out salt, which can be used to keep the reindeer near camp if necessary.
Soon you find yourself back in Market Square. In the Essen/D¼sseldorf Subway Map centre of the square is Leconfield Hall, built in 1794 and formerly a court house. Pass Essen/D¼sseldorf Subway Map to the left of the Hall, continuing on in a straight line from New Street, turning left at the end. Your route is first left at the end into Damers Bridge, but you may wish to detour first right into Saddlers Row. This street contains the 1899 Swan Hotel although this has now been converted into shops and flats. You may however, wish to make a beeline for my favourite eating place in Petworth, the convenient and very pleasant Sadlers Rest restaurant/ cafe/tearoom.

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