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Moscow quit before the guys start talking again welcome to the brian valley we are on our cruise here on the rhine river famous for its beautiful castles as, you can see behind me they literally are everywhere on this river.

And its grapes the Risen grapes native to this region welcome to our wine tasting here in our wine cellar from the 17th century we have here moss. And 90% grapes for white wines because the grapes for red wines needs normally a more constant climate and. So if you find more reference in 2012’s journey here in this region more white wines.

Map of Munich Germany Photo Gallery

And buy survive vines we have here nearly 75% reason grapes. So resync ripe is the most popular type in the rhine valley because this pride is for this climate forces which our surprise silvano drives ortega grapes Murat Hoca tribes mostly white wines they making beer stands there now for more than 600 years. And we still have around five German companies left they makin beer steins now the left hand side on those five shelves all the way down.

And also back in the corner we have verifying collected here signs. And they are all limited edition limited edition means if you think any one of those signs. And look underneath, you will find the imprint this will tell, you how many they make of each series each Stein is number who the manufacturer is.

And wettest time was made now most of those collector signs also have more storage behind them. And they can turn on little booklets or on certificates more about these yes. So we have a quick stop over here Munich Junction block just a nice but.

I wanted to show, you, this is the main center town square here’s some music Oh found stop get up block okay mate under what things for is, you had heard a little festival called Oktoberfest yes that’s the labs like three weeks big beer drinking friends ever drink severe yeah traditional, it’s like. So good so. ?

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