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Munich, Bavaria’s capital, is said to be every German’s favorite city. Its Oktoberfest is when the million and half Muenchners invite the rest of us to join them drinking beer for three weeks in the fall.

Munich’s main railway station, Hauptbahnhof, is quickly reached by airport bus. Like most of Germany, Munich has excellent public transportation, including streetcars, buses, a subway system, and the S-Bahn, a rapid-transit system.

Additionally, an unknown number of Haitians emigrated (left the Germany Map country) following the quake. There are several ways to determine a country’s changes in population. Germany Map Perhaps the most common is the rate of natural (population) increase, or RNI. The RNI is determined by a country’s birthrates and death rates. Haiti experienced 31 births and 10 deaths per 1,000 people during 2009. Both figures are the highest in the Americas.

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