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Holes in the ceiling could have been used to bring up or send down liquor during prohibition, in case of a raid.

Jim brought our group to a room near the basement entrance. Going in, it looked like a storage room holding artifacts from the past. We noted an old gaming table, possibly for poker, leaning against the wall. This is one of the tables that may have been used for those special poker games. An assortment of tables and chairs lined the walls, but something in the center of the room attracted our attention.

Slightly removed from the other clutter was a wood and wicker wheelchair. Our entire group seemed drawn to it. We are not experts on furniture, but it looked very old, as if it could easily date back to the 1920s or 30s. When questioned, Jim didn’t know who it originally belonged to but said the chair works fine. In fact, on occasion they have used it for guests needing assistance.

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