5 Must-Try Japanese Food Experiences in Tokyo

As you’re probably already aware Japan is famous for its food, and Tokyo is the epicenter of all of those different options, and sometimes it can be a little overwhelming just how many food options there are so, I’m gonna take you around, and show you five great Japanese try next breath cuz, I’m already late for there let’s start out a traditional Japanese grill here we go let’s kick things off for the traditional Japanese grill or robot that we’re barbecue bastards cook on a car in the center of the room, and use long wooden spatulas to deliver everything start out with a few appetizers whole prawns, and these delicious crunchy little crabs like on the way to Akihabara , I’m also Rousseff fish then move on to veggies sweet potatoes grilled peppers special soup, and chicken with leeks for the main course start with a flaky somewhat ugly fish, and a massive king crab , and one interesting item that you should try is the roasted, and salted ginkgo biloba it’s said that if you have too many of these they’re poisonous. But only a few is supposed to be great for your health it’s weird, I’m not even with a very strong aftertaste, and makes it taste a little bit I taste a little bit like boys on that the Amika good with the salt on. But it takes a little bit a little bit like poison we’ll kill now we are in ramen streets from the basement of the Tokyo Station full massive restaurants down here shops delicious looking food everywhere some dumplings there’s sushi back there be your lineup over here. But we’re gonna get some ramen. But this street is named after this place number 2 on the list is the world-famous Japanese ramen, and the most important aspect of this culinary experience is deciding on just what type of ramen like my personal favorite is the pork bone broth or tonkotsu ramen ramen ramen soup go park on there it’s the work on my slurp my home baby that’s good David Street in town next up we visit the tiny little Tokyo restaurants who serve up meat on a stick or yakitori many places will focus on one particular animal chicken beef or pork, and some only offer one specific item like beef tongue with all these choices I usually opt for the chicken option as can harm all throw chicken, and when you’re having yakitori always meet new friends that’s just the way yakitori is coming to a little place like this Jersey guy, and Jude just need new people when you’re here at yakitori, and number four on our list we go to where the sumos eat I all right for tonight’s meal we are in the neighborhood of Ryogoku, and we’re having a dish called chanko nabe this masterful little piece right here, and with me on this adventure is miles Michaelis you might know him as the star pitcher of your Tokyo Giants insert applause right now.

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So this is the neighborhood famous for its sumo wrestlers this is where they live eat, and dine, and this is the dish that they all eat. So we just actually went over, and saw some of the sumos, and where they train it’s the training facility where all the boys get after you know that whole crew that’s guys, and now we’re gonna dig in to the feast you ready ready first we’re given an interesting porridge like appetizer some chicken wings, and then we just wait for the chunk onabi to cook tofu shrimp mushrooms meatballs surprise leeks shallots maybe onions little bok choy, and like ground an octopus to put things into perspective this is two servings that miles, and I share, and one of the sumo guys just told us that he goes through two or three servings himself what he’s trying to gain weight, and he is reading the stories what’s your bear apart rock we won with the me suit style bra, and it does look there this yeah this the broth is really good food on noodles are perfect great soundtrack tofu is always sketchy in my book the chicken walls are top-notch we’re about to try these sardine balls what we as in me my little push this off let’s try to start him off you get your that very much that was a okay I like fish ball it’s a completely different texture than the chicken ball really you’re gonna hate that much softer than the chicken ball you’re starting ball if you go in knowing that you got anything you know spice me up you know that now that junk that is the damage done chicken wings I had my porridge this is the sauce how do you feel sumo wrestler tired feeling like a sumo wrestler we did good right that’s it chunk onabi check that was a lot of food. But it was really delicious we pretty much everything except the tofu stuff pretty stuffed it’s a delicious meal got to see whether it was a sumo let’s hang out say, I’m full I don’t have anything else to say, I’m the next one, and these fifth Japanese food experience that you have to try when you’re in Tokyo especially is the world famous sushi as you saw from the fish market post there are a million different ways that it’s prepared.

But one of the most fun way is with one of these conveyor belts style restaurants where the food just zooms in right to you let’s go check it out okay conveyor belt sushi you get a number connected with a specific seat, and computer screen, and from there you do all your ordering be careful though the efficiency, and discretion of self-service can get out of bounds real quick just select the items you want press order, and within minutes the sushi will come flying in from heaven on a tray take your plates off send the transporter back enjoy , and then when you had enough just close out your tab on your monitor, and go pay at the counter it is the most streamlined sushi experience you’ll ever have all right. So those are the five Japanese food experiences that you have to try there’s one more that I want to show you I think this is pretty important let’s go that way in Japan the convenience store is a big aspect of local life, and there are three major players family Mark Lawson, and 7-eleven, and the treats inside are as interesting as they are taste it across there you got all your sake selection tons of green teas squid jerky this my personal favorite like Gatorade this is really good these are delicious these are all the vitamin pack the sandwich now you got all these prepared dishes Ruthann it’s delicious. So with marinara sauce these are rice guys usually around chicken that’s cheese birth hot dogs. But the best of all these guys you got strawberry, and whipped cream we got tuna, and egg salad ham, and cheese get this pork cutlet here my personal favorite is the egg salad with the pork it’s like a bacon, and egg sandwich in the morning it’s delicious are you guys hopefully you enjoyed this little Japanese food experience post Tokyo is right up there for me with Istanbul, and Bangkok is my favorite food cities in the world from ramen, and sushi, and everything in between there are a million things that I could have showed you those are just five experiences that I really enjoy if you guys liked the post give it a thumbs up leave a comment let me know which experience which food you’d really like to try, and as always until next week Travel thanks guys I think I thought amaz oh look at this you got some boys in here that was delicious I am very full now we’re gonna get some soft-serve ice cream no better way to finish a good sumo meal, and with some soft-serve ice cream not at all destroying it.

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