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Hey guys today we are in her own what are you doing what are you doing just get out are you locked in what you’re trapped what do you mean oh my god okay well, I’m gonna leave you no okay well can you climb are you serious what what knock it down I don’t know can I hit it for those of you guys that don’t know already poppy used to be a motorcycle driver used to be okay still is a motorcycle driver she just gets cooler, and cooler well we did have a dirtbike you know our entire trip stuffs great.

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So, I’m not right, I’m pissed break certified sweet break folks a break we break our entire hotel. So this isn’t really a surprise. But it’s unfortunate Jordan are you ready I am ready I’ve been ready are you ready for the ride of your life yeah let’s go we have been driving for how long Bobby it is a long time we’ve been driving for a long time, and we still have not gotten to this tree sanctuary that people told us was a good place to go we’re pretty much in the middle of nowhere I haven’t seen any buildings or houses for I think we’re halfway halfway you may told us it was 30 minutes it’s been like an hour these storm clouds are looking pretty serious, and we still can’t find this place I don’t know maybe we should call it Bobby what do you think okay we have finally made it to this tree sanctuary I don’t even really know what it’s called it appears that this isn’t actually a spot for a tourist it’s a hotel we don’t need to rent a hotel. But right now we’re walking down some stairs through the jungle accompanied randomly by this dog came down all those stairs found this honestly you don’t think it was worth such a very long drive. But anything right everything we go to I think the dog normally goes in the books he was already getting in the boat waiting for us oh that’s so cute this hotel is really cool we’re gonna have lunch here thankfully they serve some food there’s all these little tree houses long drive back ahead of us after this meal Hey guys it is gonna be crazy, and a really busy day. But in a good way we’re actually going on two tours all day, and then one again at night. So we’ll get back, and after just leave immediately for another one it’s gonna be crazy.

But amazing right Bobby it’s gonna be wild just taking a pretty short boat ride to our first destination the water is so clear, and I can already see. So many fish, and coral just from on the boat. So super excited to jump in papi yeah that’s forever or Never we would long as the guys will let us keep this coming going to it oh love that do we burning on the edge of new millennium cuz we don’t want it to ever we’ve been together only friend we don’t wanted to finished up the first destination with all the fish in the reefs, I’m so cool, and now we are going up some stairs the water here, and these mountains is so so beautiful look at the color of that water it looks unreal, and now we’re doing a hike up some stairs we have to wear these this could be over right now just hold me closer kiss me like it’s the best time kiss me like you still mind babe oh god this could be I feel like every time your feet water it just kept bluer this looks like a pool me like you so much that Lake was amazing the water was so blue, and warm. So our two oak are several ways I mean all we ever said was how we make it Sunday we are at our third destination now there’s a little beach some more clear water we just had lunch I guess we’re gonna hang out here for a bit, and then go to destination number four Oh every time I get up to leave all these consequence is coming around me just feel Bonnie to be the end, and together all this time my only friend we don’t want it to be the okay.

So we are on our way to our next destination a place called skeleton wreck we have just seen the wreck or almost there are a ton of people here I think I got kicked in the face maybe three times me like so much kiss me like you so much standing on the roof of the boat for this next destination, and where we’re going, and looks unreal I think it’s a lagoon tongue as the guys will let us keep this copy going to it oh love that do it burning on the edge of new millennium cuz we don’t want it to ever end we’ve been together all this sound I am only Fred we don’t want it too well we have returned from tour one of the day it was a very long day. But it was definitely worth there now we are going on our second tour of the day which is a Firefly tour well the tour hasn’t started yet. But it’s already success we came to a place called the floating restaurant, and it’s so beautiful oh my gosh the bigger the Philippines you say your name for when you’re famous, I’m an integrity guy and, I’m singing everywhere, I’m a floating restaurant caught on without one hello there, and I met you famous oh my gosh where left you yesterday at this romantic dinner that was just the start of the night, I’m sorry I had to cut the post with that amazing singer I am his fan now then we headed out on the boat on our Firefly tour, and it was way too dark to post anymore that’s kind of the point that it’s so dark. Because you’re able to see the stars really vividly, and also some other stuff how can I even describe what happened. So we saw bioluminescent plankton which is actually on my bucket list, and I did not expect to see it in this trip whatsoever. But it was there I wasn’t able to capture it on post. Because my lens goes down to 2.

8, and that still wasn’t enough light to capture it maybe you needed a 1.5 which I didn’t have on me. But anyway here’s some photos of what bioluminescent plankton are they are very tiny microscopic organisms that live in the sea when there’s movement friction in the water around them they light up it creates the most magical effect as you guys can probably see in these photos, and that is what we saw they gave us these sticks to splash in the water papi, and I both just kept saying it’s as if we have a wand I feel like I was in Harry Potter world or something. Because every time we would sweep the stick through the water it would just leave a trail of blue, and white sparkles then they’d eventually fade away you’d slash again, and they’d light up again they were also doing this thing with the boat where they would turn on the engine real quick, and turn it off. So it just made vibrations in the water, and that would make the plankton all around our boat in a big circle light up just absolutely sparkling, and glittering like rippling on the ocean floor far below us I can’t even describe how amazing, and magical it was definitely the best word that I can think of to describe all of this it’s just magical. So guys I did just want to let you know that this is the last chance for you to sign up for that Guatemala trip I’ve been talking about, and come with papi, and I on this epic adventure we’re gonna be doing so much exploring it’s gonna be amazing, and besides that we’re gonna be volunteering, and really giving back to the community, and changing people’s lives. So definitely think about joining the trip.

Because we’re gonna have so much fun yeah we can’t wait to be you guys, and see you invite em all up in that post that’s forever or Never we would hung as the guys will let us keep this coffee going to it oh love that do it burning on the edge of new Mulaney.

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