FAIRY HUNTING in Kejimkujik

My hands on the rails either here or on the sides push your hands down. And push a jump push it that’s real quick fine why going surfing at the end of September in the Atlantic Ocean so. I’ve heard this rumor that there are bunnies here at White Point.

And. I’m just. So happened to have bunny food.

I’ve got my essentials for bunny hunting coffee. And bunny food Bunny’s gonna be fat, but he’s already fat bunny is already fat, it’s a like spill well do better than flag what are we doing this water is. So still right now that it literally looks like a mirror image like comment.

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I don’t know what’s the water. I don’t know if. I wasn’t in a canoe.

I would totally trick, you. And be upside down but I don’t think that’s very smart thing to do in a canoe canoeing through the clouds I’ll give, you credit for that one guys.

And gals we’re in Kachemak ug the most amazing named National Park here in the middle of Nova Scotia. And obviously as, you could tell or maybe not, but. I’m telling, you we are canoeing the very many lakes.

And rivers that make up Kachemak ug, this is catching Micucci Lake, this is where we currently are on Mercy River. I think we’re somewhere right here then we’re gonna try. And make our way through Ferry Bay which is supposed to be really really pretty.

And then we’re gonna try. And kayak around here. And that’s gonna be a couple hours what do we have here Oh could it be a very typical Canadian beaver dam no seriously actually does beaver dam.

And, it’s kind of blocked the river for us. So we’re got to turn back um no there is no. I mean beaver does live here, it’s Beaver Dam, but beavers are nocturnal.

So we’re not really planning on seeing him. I mean maybe pops up that would be awesome they’d be awesome beaver if you pop up any minute now clearly he didn’t get my memo we get it, you shall not pass. And we will continue on Ezra coogee means land of those little fairies in McMath the aboriginals of Nova Scotia we’ve made it to Ferry Bay not yet, you have to go very hunting.

I how do, you call a ferry. I don’t know what ferry calls didn’t come damn it did not come prepared for a ferry hunting first, you need to gain the ferries trust. I feel like.

I’m a very trustworthy press then. So step one is to find a nice quiet spot in nature Jack get down low make yourself to Pier small Jack check sit very quietly also check this may take several days in many hours sit with your eyes averted down just. I’m doing that right now gently whisper a couple times my name is blank after several days fairy may begin to trust, you.

And blah blah blah cool so. I hope, you brought snacks we are exploring Canada’s oldest National Historic Site, this is port. And right now we are currently in the museum for ads actually before that we’re going to go to floor after, but a little bit of rainy right now.

So let me just give, you a little briefing before we head out in the rain because. I don’t think you’re gonna hear much once we get there what other reasons why, it’s a National Historic Site is because, it’s one of the most hotly contested pieces of land in North America no really the Scottish the Native Americans the French. And the English all fought over for EM all of them seeking to control the continent of North America yeah that’s exactly our.

I don’t know how that works. I don’t know, it’s right now. I’m kind of just walking through the officers quarter Museum because it is pouring rain outside.

I wanted to give, you a little bit back of information before. I show, you the outside cuz there’s a lot of rain happen time to venture outside check out the actual port. And we’re gonna also see a French powder magazine plus a black hole not real black hole let me know yeah the budding yeast.

And some nutrient. And we ferment for like six weeks, but, it’s pretty tasty to do little stuff like sweet pepper. And that’s 9% how about the cider just stays in there.

And then it pumps through here. And all the way up to the tops. So yeah nice.

And fresh we don’t kind of just get them right over the tanks it does yeah. And so. We’ll get them from different apple producers, but Sterling’s family fruit farm they store it all for us we are in for a dining treat tonight as we are eating in one of the best winery restaurants in the world yeah that’s right right here in Nova Scotia, this is love Cabo at the domaine de Grand Prix winery.

And it is one of the best winery restaurants in the world no sorry any white hair like really every single region that. I get really no. I like to push better okay the poach is good all right vegan Caesar salad for myself.

And that’s got a wonderful selection of oysters they’re yellow zucchini some rice noodles, but I’ll see, you out there sauce. So this afternoon we are exploring the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Grand Prix which is this fertile farmland that, you see behind me which is one of the oldest settlements of European settlers in Canada now the Acadians were French settlers. And migrated to the territory known as Acadia in the early 1630s their children.

And became Acadians sideout just found this out Grand Prix means large meadow which now makes a whole lot of sense this map looks eerily familiar to another map Lord of the Canada. I think Smaug lives up here dizzy great well let’s avoid that area then yeah this looks like Lord of the Rings maps crazy you’re the Lord of the Rings fiction on these are real-life, but, you know. So from 68 to to 1755 Grand Prix was the centre of Acadian settlement that was until 1755 when the deportations of the Acadians began by the British government because that was beginning of the Seven Years War.

And the British government viewed the Acadians as a threat. So they wanted them to swear allegiance to them they didn’t. So they ended up coming in.

And deported all the Acadians to various other British colonies very sad, but that is a bit of Canadian history for you. ?

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