Travel Advice And Advisories For Columbia

Don’t overload boatwith cargo or passengerand remember that the safe load will vary depending on the water conditions.

If using boats, jet skior other craft, make sure that you have been taught how to handle them safely and that you know the lawand rulefor their use.

Do not use drugor alcohol and then try to swim. Both will have an adverse effect on judgement and co-ordination.

Try to use supervised areas, particularly when swimming in the sea. Beachewhere lifeguardare patrolling are usually clearly marked.

If warning flagare flying, don’t try to swim.

Travel Advice And Advisories For Columbia

Stay away from ships, docks, pierand other structurewhen swimming. There may be spinning propellers, obstructionor rusty metal that can cut or trap you.

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Don’t swim too far out to sea. If you want to swim a long distance, swim up and down along the shore, close enough to get to land if there ia problem.

If caught in a fast tide, never ever try to swim against the tide. Float with the tide and try to swim in to safety at an angle of 45 degreeto the shore, aiming for a point where waveare breaking on the beach. (Where you can see wavebreaking on the beach iwhere waveare flowing in towardthe beach.)

Only use jet skis, surfboards, wind-surfers, etc. if you are a strong swimmer, and alwaywear a lifejacket.

Only participate in surfing, scuba-diving, snorkelling, water-skiing and other ocean activitieif you have had professional instruction and your equipment habeen thoroughly checked and approved by a qualified person.

Don’t participate in any water-based activity alone. Alwaymake sure that you are with somebody so that you can watch and help each other if there ia problem.

If diving or venturing to deeper water on surfboards, etc., consider wearing a wetsuit to protect you from the cold water.

If you are going to take a river or white-water trip on any craft, make sure that the operator iexperienced and qualified. Make sure that you wear a lifejacket, safety helmet and any other safety equipment provided. If no safety equipment iprovided, don’t go!

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