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Most of Beijing’s traffic is bicycles; the morning rush hour Taiyuan Map Tourist Attractions is a thick, seemingly solid pedalling column. Turning right is simple because you ignore the Taiyuan Map Tourist Attractions traffic signals and slide off to the right. But turning left can be a nightmare when you’re stuck in the middle of a major thoroughfare with trolley buses turning left around you. I tended to wait until another cyclist wanted to turn, and go at the same time. Accidents are common, but usually it’s cyclists that bump into each other and they fall over unhurt. I caused quite a pile-up myself when a cyclist saw me and fell off his bike.

The driver’s body is no longer theirs alone, with many drivers often commenting on how the car comes alive, merging with their own physical self to make one seamless, living whole.

In Gasoline Music the sounds and vibrations of acceleration, deceleration and turn signals immerse participants into the machinery of the car. Inside the car it is difficult to separate body from machine as the visceral vibrations from a high intensity subwoofer pulsate in and through the body. This is an amplified version of the ontological merging of machine/person. This sense of connection with the car is heightened through the aesthetic relationship between the slick, black leather interior of the car and the all-in-black outfits of the drivers. In fact, Rogues’ Gallery refer to the car itself as a third performer (personal communication).

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