Top 10 Places to Need to Visit Before Tourism Ruins Them

We’re looking at unique and enticing travel destinations, but based on past and current trends are likely to have their appeals seriously diminished by excessive tourism in the years to come. So Please remember to be respectful to these destinations in every way.

10 Small Bard Norway

top 10 places to need to visit before tourism ruins them

For years, Iceland was the trendy place to go, but there’s been noticeable pushback from locals there against the sheer volume of tourists. If we had to identify the next Iceland, both in terms of natural northern beauty and a place soon to be overrun by travelers, it’s the archipelago of spell barred. This Arctic wilderness draws people in with its picturesque dramatic landscape populated by polar bears, glaciers and old mining towns. It is breathtaking, but part of its magic. Is the scarcity of people, for now, that remains true. But as travelers look for increasingly extreme and dramatic destinations that could soon change, then again, maybe the cold will be enough to keep the numbers down.

9 Ambergris Caye Belize

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Belize has done relatively modest numbers in terms of international visitors and for those already in the know how is just perfect. This was their tropical getaway free from crowds, but in 2018 Belize was described as. The quote is the Caribbean’s fastest growing destination, and if there’s one place that you should visit before it becomes totally overstuffed, it’s Ambergris Caye, the country’s largest island. Ambergris Caye is home to picture perfect beaches. It’s the ideal place for diving or just kicking back and sipping on a fruity beverage. Despite growing crowds, a laid back atmosphere survives, but for how long? Well, we’d recommend visiting sooner rather than later.

8 He Told The Netherlands

top 10 places to need to visit before tourism ruins them 2

You likely haven’t heard of this tiny village in the Dutch province of appraisal, but we suspect that might soon change. It remains a largely pedestrian only town and because of its position at the center of Oak ISLAND canal system, it’s even been dubbed Little Venice to add to that over 150 bridges. And the quaint architecture of the little farm houses. And you can begin to understand the appeal. Unfortunately, much like the real Venice high, torn is beginning to find itself with a lot of tourists. It’s estimated that the tiny town is visited by somewhere in the ballpark of 150,000 to 200,000 tourists. It’s a year, and that’s just from China. As word of this uniquely old-fashioned destination spreads, overcrowding feels inevitable.

7 Sunglass Islands Panama

top 10 places to need to visit before tourism ruins them 3

Panama is a country with a lot to offer. As tourism continues to grow in popularity. However, an authentic, more old school Panamanian experience can become harder to find on the Sandblast Islands. However, major infrastructure has largely yet to be established, making it a rustic retreat, perfect for anyone who really wants an authentic. No frills island experience. Thankfully, the area is largely protected from major developments and is well on its way to becoming something of a hotspot for ecotourism. That’s great, but as travelers increasingly skewed towards the hype of less commercialized travel, the modest accommodations offered on the various inhabited islands of Sandblast could very well become overcrowded, compromising what makes it so special.

6 Folegandros Greece When

top 10 places to need to visit before tourism ruins them 4

When it comes to the Greek islands, recent history has taught us that tourism can quickly become a major problem. One need only look at the island of Santorini to understand how and why. Sadly, now that we’re living in the social media age, an island can undergo such an over-saturated transformation quicker than ever. All it takes is a few well received Instagram posts from influencers. Well, Folegandros is well on its way to becoming the next Santorini. It boasts similar architecture and views, beautiful beaches, crystal clear water and the incredible cuisine that the Greek islands are known for. But so far without the crowds. Better book your tickets. Soon

5 Tbilisi Georgia

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Georgia is not usually the first country that many tourists think of in Europe yet. In recent years Tbilisi has been popping up on many must visit lists despite the country’s difficult political history. It just keeps getting more popular and for good reason. Lucy’s capital is rich in cultural history. It’s also become home to a number of unique boutique hotels which are part of a larger burgeoning creative scene with its long history of winemaking, distinct cuisine and beautiful architecture. It’s just got a lot to offer in terms of what modern travelers want and for the time being, that includes a sense that it’s still undiscovered, but with the city receiving ever increasing attention, we have our doubts as to how long it can retain that authentic vibe.

4 Fernando Gene Aronia Brazil

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Not every corner of Brazil feels as if it’s yet been exploited by tourism, yet one of the best examples of this is Fernando Jean Aronia, an archipelago consisting of 21 mostly uninhabited islands. In order to preserve the fragile ecosystem, the government only lets a limited number of visitors enter the main island each day, and even then at a fee. So how is it that tourists are going to ruin it? Well, Fernando Girona is considered to have the best beaches in all of Brazil, if not the world, with the increased interest in visiting obscure places. Untouched and isolated destinations, Fernando Gina Roneo seems destined to land on a lot of bucket lists, and while regulations will hopefully continue to protect the environment somewhat, the total number of visitors allowed per year is destined to inexorably grow with all of the drawbacks.

3 Antarctica

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There are few places on Earth more unique than the planet’s southernmost continent, Antarctica. Antarctica has become increasingly accessible in recent years. There has been a noticeable change. Upward trend in the number of tourists since around 2010 relative to other destinations, Antarctica still receives few tourists, but given the nature of the destination and its appeal, every added body counts visitors traveling to Antarctica and its offshore waters need to respect very strict regulatory guidelines to protect the environment. The problem is, Antarctica doesn’t have the infrastructure to support many people in a given calendar year, and if larger tourism vessels start visiting regularly, well, the environmental factors that threaten the area. Are only likely to be exacerbated, plus part of the appeal of Antarctica is its haunting beauty and desolation

2 Emilia Romagna Italy

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Italy is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world for lovers of food and smaller crowds. The Emilia Romagna region has long served as an escape from the often stifling qualities of Italian tourism. Bologna is a city that until recently has been frequently passed over by tourists with a time limit. Smaller cities such as patima. Modena and Reggio Emilia offer an even cozier, almost small town vibe, but with local culinary and wine specialties that will make you want to settle in the region. Unfortunately, the masses seem to be catching on, especially now that foodie and wine culture has become so popular. Bologna, in particular, is finally being recognized as the culinary Mecca. It actually is, so get there ASAP.

1 Cap And Coorong Cambodia

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For decades, young people have been heading to Southeast Asia for lengthy backpacking trips made possible by the low cost of living, but the number of visitors just keeps intensifying. 2018 was a new record for the country, surpassing 6 million visitors for the first time. Yet we wouldn’t have called kept Porco wrong, must visits, at least not until recently kept, is a small, sleepy seaside retreat that previously had little to offer the average traveler. But nowadays, that’s exactly what some people are looking for. Recent years have seen it. Quickly transforming into a tourist hotspot complete with Boutique hotels, Co Wrong is an island that similarly appears to travelers looking for a more back to basics experience, but it’s similarly threatened by its own popularity with the ever growing presence of tourists encouraging aggressive development.

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