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Revere, Paul (17351818) Paul Revere, silversmith and Revolutionary patriot, was born in Boston in 1735 to a family of French Huguenots. When his father died in 1754, Revere inherited a thriving silversmith’s shop. After a brief tour of duty as lieutenant in the French and Indian War, Revere returned to business. Australia Map Tourist Attractions In 1757, he married Sarah Orne (Sary), with whom he had eight children. Over the next decade, Revere diversified his business to encompass surgical instruments, copper engravings, music sheets, carved picture frames, and even dentistry items.

But it was his work in silver that remained the core of his business. By the eve of the Revolution, he was the most respected silversmith in New England, producing everything from shoe buckles to commemorative tankards for customers of all social ranks. During the 1760s, as the local economy slackened and tensions with Britain grew, Revere became increasingly active in political affairs. He joined several working-class Whig political organizations, including the North Caucus Club and the more exclusive Long Room Club.

In 1765, he became one of the first members of the Sons of Liberty, a fraternity that led local opposition to the Stamp Act. In 1770, Revere put his engraving skills to work for the Whig cause, publishing a controversial engraving condemning the Boston Massacre. This incendiary piece distorts the actual, complex events of that March night into a picture of a cruel, calculated slaughter. Three years later, in May 1773, his wife Sarah died; Revere remarried, wedding Rachel Walker, who bore him eight more children.

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