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Then large dishes of food were brought; soupy vegetables and Best China vacation cities meat, which everyone dipped into with chopsticks, it was spicy and delicious. We had Best China vacation cities local flat breads to go with it, and tea. After this initial course there was more dancing and music. It was all men – the women were sitting in a side ‘rofem. I went to join them for a while, and to find out who was the bride. The women welcomed me, but they said that the bride was not there, she was at another house where an equal amount of feasting was going on.

It wasn’t long before word got out. Crowds of people gathered, wanting to help or simply to see the dreadful scene. Three days later, the funeral of Jacob was held at his home. Some reports stated more than 1,000 people turned out for the funeral. Carriages and buggies lined the street and sat on Crouch land.

During his life, Jacob had never had a photograph taken of himself. As was common in the Victorian era, a death photo was taken. They placed his body upright in a chair and took the picture later painting in his eyes. Jacob’s death photo can be seen here.

After their funerals, a full out search began for the perpetrators of this horrific crime. First suspects were the housekeeper, Julia Reese, and the hired hand, George Bolles. Authorities, couldn’t believe the two didn’t hear the shootings and the mayhem that must have followed. They were immediately arrested.

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