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Spending eternity together as well as much of their lives (they were married from 1951 until 1985) are Yves Montand and Simone Signoret.

Yves Montand was born to peasants inMonsummano Terme, Italy, but grew up in Marseilles, France. He found work as a music hall singer, where he was discovered by Edith Piaf. Piaf made Montand part of her act, mentored him and installed him as her lover. From 1946 until his death, he appeared in over four-dozen films and recorded 29 albums (10 have been released posthumously). Like American Bing Crosby, Montand was known as a crooner and many of his songs became instant classics. His good looks and charm landed him in the beds of a number of actresses, including Marilyn Monroe (the affair occurred, somewhat appropriately, during the filming of Let’s Make Love) and Shirley MacLaine (again, somewhat appropriately, during the filming of My Geisha). Despite Montand’s affairs, his marriage to Signoret was reportedly a happy one. Yves Montand’s last movie was The Lsland of Pachyderms, which centers on the story of an old man who dies of a heart attack. On September 30, 1985, after Montand had completed his last shot, he collapsed and died of a heart attack.

Simone Signoret, born Simone Henriette Charlotte Kaminker (she changed her name to her mother’s maiden name during World War II to hide her Jewish roots), is one of France’s most well known movie stars. Embracing and exploiting her sensuality and smoky persona, her first roles were often portraying prostitutes and less-than-endearing women. Her performances garnered great acclaim both in France and England. In 1959 she received a Best Actress Academy Award (the first French woman to do so) for her portrayal of an unhappily married older woman who falls in love with a younger man in Room at the Top. The movie received an X rating in England. In her long career she appeared in over 60 films and won numerous awards. Her last film was L ‘Etoile du Nord in 1982. She was nominated for a Cesar Award (essentially the French equivalent of an Academy Award) for Best Actress. Simone Signoret succumbed to pancreatic cancer, perhaps brought on by her lifelong chain-smoking. Her memoir, published in 1978, was titled Nostalgia Lsn’t What Lt Used to Be.

The ships’ crews included merchants, traders, and landed gentry, individuals anxious to realize a profit but lacking in practical skills. Lexington-Fayette Metro Map This oversight became an important issue later on, as the group was ill prepared for the hardships it would face in the wilderness. In April 1607, the three vessels encountered a series of storms along the east coast of North Country. Seeking protection, the voyagers entered the lower end of the Chesapeake Bay and soon came to the mouth of a wide river, which they named the James, after their king. They sailed upriver to where the water was deep enough to allow them to drop anchor. Unfortunately, the location later proved to be near a marsh infested with malaria-carrying mosquitoes. But it was here that the adventurers founded Jamestown. In celebration of their safe arrival, Parson Robert Hunt nailed a board between two trees, a spot from which he read the Episcopal service every day and twice on Sunday.

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