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Hey everybody welcome back to the Galapagos Islands honey we have a little bit of bad news the reason we came here was to do some volunteering. Because you’ve actually volunteer with the tortoises yeah which is insane there’s a breeding center, and you can go, and help heart, and we’re gonna do that for the week. But we didn’t realize I was a bit of miscommunication, and we found out that you actually need a volunteer visa, and we don’t have that which means we’re not allowed to volunteer. But the breeding center is open to the public.

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So we’re going to go there this morning just to check it out still fine still fine just we won’t be able to get that close to the tortoises yeah this is the first time this has ever happened to us. But you need a volunteer visa, I’ll still leave the link below if you guys want to come volunteer here. Because this is such a unique place yeah, and such a cool place to come, and volunteer. But anyway we have to follow this boardwalk to get there it’s like a kilometer walk already iguanas just everywhere, and looks. So pretty this more oh my gosh it’s not. So big you go first he was a little baby my favorite bit is how these guys sleep it’s just a spread leg out on the floor literally just look like just look. So old like look at their face like they’ve seen some stuff massive that one’s ready to tell you some stories about the war Oh Nick drinking these are the mums, and dads.

But they used to breathe Wow okay that’s the biggest food thing oh my gosh hungry like that is a meat Oh would you say yeah, I’ll say it’s a meat ax this one is literally just walking over it well it got out it’s really cool what they’re doing here. So they’re breeding the tortoises, and then once they’re three years old or a certain width, I’m not too sure what width it needs to be. But I know they need to be at least three years old they release them back onto the island to repopulate the island. Because I think over the years since humans have come the populations been decreasing. But they have. So many I swear they must be almost ready to release they are humongous I think they’re saying there’s like 700 tortoises here at the breeding center no no breeding center it kind of sounds like a bit of a dirty word. But it’s a really good thing they’re doing here they’re trying to try to get the population back up to a reasonable level potentially back in the day people were hunting them I think they were eating them as well which is in the first year he was saying they’re eating them the locals.

So they’re trying to get them back up. But it’s incredible being here this is open to the public by the way, and we’ve seen. So many of them, I’m so glad definitely like it maybe they just think we have food. Because I’ve never seen them walk so much or what’s gonna happen this three of them is like Hungry Hungry Hippos, and rest sounds like a plane cranking. So there’s actually different volcanoes on the island wait wait um I think there’s six volcanoes on the island, and at each volcano they have their own species of Galapagos Tortoises there, and a couple years ago one erupted it. So they had to save the type of tortoise, and they’re the ones with the flat shells what you can see this one is like clearly got a bit of a dome on him, and that one’s got like as they saved a bunch of female, and male tortoises and, I’m hoping that they would breed. So they could release them back into the wild, and they said that only in a couple of years they had 200 babies 200 billion 200 babies here you guys were busy the island that nickel-and-dime zoo the entire way I will give it to it the breeding center is free I am shocked honestly, I’m shook.

So it’s kind of good that if you do come here, and you’re your main goal is to see the tortoises which I think it’s pretty much everyone’s goal to come to the glass yes at least, and go to the green Center for free guys you decided to go for a bit of an afternoon stroll just to like explore a bit more of this island, and this guy is kind of like blocking the way can I come past see your grabs the girl into the water unlike a little Lagoon the war is so clear here, and I think when you go for a dip we thought we’re here we need to see more of Isabella island. So we’re gonna head up on a bit of a tour good luck with some more wildlife maybe go snorkeling, and see what we can find should actually be a pretty fun day today wow the water is looking. So crystal clear today it’s so beautiful this would even stop these bonds alrighty we’re now on the hunt for my new favorite bird they called blue footed boobies, and we haven’t seen them yet. But I’ve seen photos, and they look. So cool, and we’re currently walking over these volcanic naturally made tunnels look at this there’s a spot to come past us yeah this one’s actually a turtle Jessie totally did that intro wrong guys, I’m redoing the intro jess is after a new favorite thing she is looking for some boobies, and yes you do before you dig monetize this post it’s a bird laughter a bird it’s got to be one of the most like diverse landscapes we’ve walked on this like cacti growing yeah it’s volcanic, and you got like the tunnels forming over there guys we found some boobies, and if there’s even a little baby boobie as well however this is a mum, and I think it’s the males that are the really cool ones is still a very cool bird they do she’s in the shade cause she’s trying to shave her baby which is kind of cool. So, I’m happy we got to see a baby.

But, I’ll put a picture up of a male blue footed boobie see you guys, and see how cool these animals are this is kind of chillin with its 10 year old baby 10 day year-old baby there’s only one of the spots in the alleyway fish they decide the perfect fishing rod out this number 2 all right we come down to our final spot of the day we’re gonna go snorkeling this spot is apparently known for whitetip reef sharks sea turtles sea horses as well already seen two of those. So I wanna go see them underwater either such an awesome way to end our time here, and the glass you see turtle was the size of me, and the Sharks were even bigger. So I drew many sharks actually quite fun to smoosh arcs cuz when we like got pushed down, and looked at their cave their home, and they just see the beady eyes looking at us as we leave tomorrow back to Quito yeah that was awesome we went with nature Galapagos if you guys wanted to do like a – around the island that’s a Bella eilerson I’d recommend it like especially this Edvard with the snorkeling was so much fun. But I hope you guys enjoyed this Galapagus like it’ll stop over that we had just show you around Quito I want to go see the equator line yeah alright guys see you a little.

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