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Barely over to minute three and it looks like we’ve gone through several different worlds.

Down the path and out onto the boardwalks to the Cliff Geyser at just over six minutes (while I do walk, you have to remember I started professional life as a country veterinarian where you learn to do the ‘field walk’ which carries you at a relatively good clip – but contrary to popular opinion, I’m not jogging, and I only run when caught on the wrong side of the fence with an unhappy cow).

Even though most folks seem intent on the starboard (right) side of the walk, I keep finding the opposite more entertaining.

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Cross the Nasmythe Bridge and follow a riverside path back to the Centre. The Dell Bridge looks attractive in passing. It only remains to wander back down the feeder path to the travel destination basin by the great aqueduct, completing a visit of many interests beside the travel destination technicalities. The Almond Aqueduct, the UC’s third largest, is impressively high and exposed, with the narrow, cobbled pathway edging the iron trough of the travel destination. On the right, an airy iron railing does little to hide the 70ft (22m) drop to the River Almond. In spate, the flat island downstream can be covered with water. The aqueduct is 420ft (128m) in length. There is a superb view north, down the river, to Telford’s Almond Valley Viaduct on the main Edinburgh-Glasgow Railway. This was built in 1842 and, with 36 arches, somewhat surpasses the aqueduct’s mere five. The viaduct contains over a million cubic feet of masonry.

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