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Ventura, it’s a hub really, I mean you can access the mountains, the ocean, good surf spots, the blog Islands. It really kind of supports the owner of Patagonia’s philosophy. So our founder Yvonne Chouinard wrote a book called Let My People Go Surfing It talks about encouraging holistic employees.

It’s very much encouraged to get out and do something at lunch.. trail runs or bike rides or surfing. It’s trying to take advantage of all the things we’ve got here in Ventura. So The Bunker Golf Center is an indoor golf performance center. We focus on everything from instruction, golf fitness, repair, custom club fitting, and general practice. We do everything from lesson packages, along with one-off sessions. My favorite golf courses in the area are one, Olivas Links, right down the road from us. It’s a great link style golf course, very challenging depending on which tees you like to play from. It’s a lot of wind, there’s a lot of long holes, and fast greens.

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It’s just a great golf course for the average players or the advanced player. River Ridge is a great golf course in Oxnard, it actually has two courses on the property, one called Victoria Lakes, one called The Vineyard. The Victoria Lakes is a lot more challenging. It is their tournament golf course, so it’s a lot longer. The greens are very fast but the whole course is very well maintained and always in good condition. Vineyard course, it’s just a little different layout, more through houses, very fast greens, long holes, and always in great condition as well. I’ve been swimming around the Ventura Pier, I’ve been doing it for about 35 years. So the Ventura Pier was a place where everyone would meet and come down and practice and it’s about a quarter of a mile around. I’ve been running also for probably 35 years usually to the bike path and you can run as far as you want, you can right up to Emma Wood, three miles up the beach. Right outside of downtown we have some local hills that you can run in.


There’s many trails, there’s Arroyo Verde Park But then you can escape down to Mugu and to the hills down there for trail running. There’s a new path in Ventura called the Botanical Garden which has been built by the community. I mean the access is just right at our fingertips here. Ventura Marathon is held in September and they’ve actually expanded it to be a full weekend of events, so they’ve got a series of events over two days. It’s also the last qualifier before the Boston Marathon. Runners are really interested in this particular event. METALMTN bikes is a local bike shop. Customer service is great, it’s a great resource for cyclists in the community, both road and mountain. There’s a group ride that I love to do every Saturday and Sunday at 7:30 and there’s four different routes that they’ll do all throughout Ventura county and it’s great because you meet right across from Ventura Theater. You know that you’re gonna have a good turnout.

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If I don’t do the group ride then I’ll get a couple buddies and there’s a bike path that meets up right at the edge of downtown through horse pastures and real pretty scenic country hillsides. 20 to 35 mile ride depending on how you do it. It’s nice to have that in your backyard. So at the Camarillo Yoga Center what we specialize in is Yoga for regular people. So although we do have vigorous workout style classes, a lot of our classes are really a body education. How to do user-friendly things that you can use every single day. The most common thing that people say is I’m not flexible, I can’t do yoga. People of every size, every level of flexibility come to our classes. Every day, there is an organization called Island Packers and they take boat trips to the blog Islands National Park. Santa Cruz Island, the Anacapa Island, San Miguel.

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And they are uninhabited by humans, but they are beautiful for you to hike, camp, and snorkel and kayak out there. You can go whale reading. There’s also diving out there, as well. They’re world-class diving conditions. Some days there’s hundred foot visibility. I love the free dive and spear fish. A lot of times before work, wake up before dark and get a quick free dive in.

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