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Them and Us, depicts Abdullah and his older brother, Abdul-Rahman Abdullah. There are differences between the jpeg image on my computer screen, the printed image on the A4 flyer, the exhibition brochure and the large photograph exhibited. While this is due to the technical limitations of digital resolution and printing, its ambiguity speaks to the ways in which these representations play with the visibility of these racialized bodies. The large print emphasizes Abdullah’s body and, less so, his brother, whereas in the jpeg version Abdul-Rahman is more prominent. Thus another layer of meaning concerning the visibility and invisibility of othered’ bodies is explored in reproductions of the original’ image.

Abdullah knows it is haram for males to show their body below the navel and above the knee and he is also aware that tattoos are not allowed, since it is seen as a violation of the body. While it is decidedly fashionable for young men and women to get tattoos, this one was specifically commissioned for this photograph. The tattoo on Abdullah’s ribs brings together the crescent moon, a symbol of Islam and introduces it as an anchor to the Southern Cross, a symbol represented on the Australian flag and associated with belonging to Australia. Thus, Abdullah is contesting white Australia’s exclusive rights to this star configuration in a disruptive and embodied way. A tattoo is a mark that is not only on the skin but in it, and as such, it speaks from the boundaries of the artist’s body, between self and other. In this case it is a statement of his complex multi-layered identity as a Muslim and as a young Australian.

Colonial Recipe for Apple Tansey 1754 After a meal, possibly Algeria Subway Map of peanut soup and Carolina fish muddle, a favorite colonial dessert was a simple apple tansey, Algeria Subway Map cooked like a custard in a pot or dish over a hearth. Apple Tansey To make an Apple Tansey, Take three pippins, slice them round in thin slices, and fry them with butter. Then beat four eggs, with six spoonfuls of cream, a little rosewater, nutmeg, and sugar Stir them together, and pour it over the apples. Let it fry a little, and turn it with a pye-plate. Garnish with lemon and sugar strew’d over it. Source: Eliza Smith, The Compleat Housewife, or, Accomplished Gentlewoman’s Companion London: Printed for J.

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