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The bullet holes and welded doors may be so the cars couldn’t be used again, or just another paranoia. It is also possible Harry had a much darker and violent idea. Kat and I have to wonder if there isn’t something or someone inside those steel coffins at the bottom of the very dark and murky Lost Lake. That was a time in Detroit when many union members and sympathizers or gangsters suddenly went missing.

The entire lodge was fascinating and mysterious with secret doors and tunnels, so that when Scott said good night everyone was ready. The investigation began immediately and would cover two nights.

Earlier, Hauntings Paranormal positioned cameras and audio records in the basement, main rooms and hallways. We were divided into two groups. Kat would be with Jessica, Melissa and Tammy the first night. Lorena, Dawn, Doug and myself made up the second team. We were off.

Jessica’s team and Kat started in the bedrooms, while Lorena took us into the den.

Jessica’s group covered each room, beginning with Harry’s master bedroom. Kat and the others half-expected to see or hear something. There was a certain electricity in the dim room. At one point the conversation changed to laughing about the furniture and Harry in general. Then, back to a more serious tone. They watched and waited, continually talking to Harry asking for a response. They left the room with nothing.

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