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Economic and intellectual flowering. Copenhagen increases in importance as an international commercial centre.

174666 Frederik V.

Under Frederik’s minister Count J. H. Bernstorff German influence in Denmark reaches its peak.

c. 1730-80 Rococo architecture.

Amalienborg Palace (1740-50), Charlottenlund.

1766-1808 Christian VII.

Count A P. Bernstorff carries through major reforms (1784-97), culminating in the emancipation of the peasants (1786-88).

1807 British bombardment of Copenhagen.

During the Napoleonic wars Britain seeks to bring Denmark into the war against Napoleon by bombarding Copenhagen and seizing the Danish navy and merchant fleet.

180839 Frederik VI.

Frederik acts as Regent from 1784 during the mental incapacity of his father. The British attack of 1807 leads Denmark to ally itself with France and involves it in the Napoleonic wars.

1814 Treaty of Kiel.

Denmark loses Norway and Heligoland.

1780-1840 Neo-classical architecture. Colonnade at Amalienborg (1795), Church of Our Lady (1811-29), Law Courts (1815), Thorvaldsen Museum (1839-48), all in Copenhagen.

Denmark as a constitutional monarchy

183948 Christian VIII.

1848-63 Frederik VII.

1849: introduction of a constitution.

1848-64 Schleswig-Holstein is separated from Denmark.

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