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And welcome to my hotel room here in Beijing China so I want, you to do another food challenge post, but because. I’m on this healthy eating trend for life a healthy eating trend for life.

I like to think so. I’ve picked up a whole lot of healthy food Chinese treats. And we’re gonna try them a little bit of a disclaimer here.

I don’t actually know these are really healthy health foods. I don’t know because. I can’t read the Chinese labeling.


So everything. I did picked up looked very vegan it looked very healthy. So yeah your guess is as good as mine now.

I have high hopes for these stacks because this also just happens to be my dinner tonight. So, you know fingers crossed we have some winners here let’s get started let’s start with Miss Saigon jackfruit chips they’re actually made 100% make it be enough okay well, this is already failing. So far as a China post Oh like banana look like banana chips alright oh they’re really good they taste like a banana cheese puffs like if you put the flavor of a dried banana into the texture of a cheese puffs next up we have Kiwis they just say Kiwi there’s that is literally the only English definitely looks like Kiwis.

So alright okay they’re just look dry Kiwi yeah they’re good mm-hmm just dry Kiwis oh really good next we good all she Chinese purple jellies now. I have no idea, this is actually being or not because. I know gelatin isn’t, but jellies could be very different and I don’t know if this without we classified the health food there’s multiple flavors this one looks like there’s beans on it okay. So there’s beans on this this looks like some sort of plum this looks like a red bean let’s try a plum looking one oh yeah that is definitely a jelly they don’t taste like jello let’s just start with that let’s try a different flavor let’s try that one, it’s another red looking one well okay, this is getting messy, this is like coming out oh no no that’s not a better flavor first flavor was better yeah. I think the jellies go into the will see pile all right so.

I think these are Chinese Hawthorne they’re like a red fruit so I have high hopes for this. I think, this is the dried version of Chinese Hawthorne that word looks like dried fruit okay better than this to be honest.

I was really really expecting this to be sweeter it tastes like a mix between a very unsweet strawberry. And a peach look fresh fruit fresh fruit um now two of these fruits, you guys have probably seen before, this is cantaloupe. And pineapple, but this one.

I wanted to show, you that is a dragon fruit, it’s literally called dragon fruit what’s not to like about it. I just really wanted some real fruit, it’s because, this is literally my dinner so I remember why darling every dragon fruit doesn’t really taste like anything all right.

So these are assorted fruit. And vegetable chips what double-bagged okay that’s an interesting one okay. So we have war dried fruit can, you guys see this, this is just freeze dried fruit literally freeze dried fruit.

And vegetables that was very, this is a little really what it looks like okay yes, it’s weird but I like it was home we has a we there’s pictures of apples on it. So.

I’m assuming, it’s something to do with apples, but this doesn’t look like apples oh they’re like individually wrapped oh oh markets that. I’m not ghosts, but that was the worst one to end on why did. I pick that one laughs first off, it’s sour.

And bitter feel like. I just ate fermented fruit cuz, it’s very sour. And pungent.

And strong. So say that’s about 50 50. I had some real winner some awesome good food that.

I am definitely gonna continue eating tonight anyways. I hope, you guys have enjoyed this post this little healthy food taste test if you want to see more healthy country food taste tests let me know it down below because, you know. I can do that anyways thank, you guys.

So much for reading this post. And don’t forget to comment to my blog to see more posts like this. And I’ll see, you guys again soon bye like this and, you just the loop Telemachus quiz.

So normally. I don’t add raspberry feels with caramel. And cereals covered with milk chocolate as, you like surreal.

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