48 Hours in Chile San Pedro

I’ve always wanted to do this walking in to the country welcome to Chile everybody guys we just arrived in San Pedro, and we’ve come to the cutest hostel this is the little area we kind of like in a desert, and if you come down here, I’ll show you what I’ve room looks like super cute here’s our room it is so big how cute is some petrol it’s like a look on Rosie’s Africa like really desert II, and stuff Mexican yeah Mexican Africa I don’t you know it’s really really cute. But now we’re gonna quickly as Charles there’s never a chance for three days by the way, and then we’re gonna go out for lunch I mean our new guide. Because we’ve been new guide for Chile, and then Argentina we’re currently walking around San Pedro, and honestly with a name like San Pedro I third we’ll come into like a big city we are in Atacama Desert at the moment, and I feel like, I’m in a small Mexican town someone’s gonna have like a Mexican standoff or something is no one here it is like 10 to 11, and no one is around I think.

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Because we’re slowly making our way towards Argentina which has that culture of siestas my sister now though no no there’s no idea I think it’s. Because we need to have one more Street, and then we’ll be in the we’re like in the quiet little neighborhood right now that’s why. But they do have siestas here and, I’m going to be taking part in that that sounds great yeah we’re kind of using San Pedro as like a little stock before we go into Argentina. So this is the only place in Chile that we’re gonna be going to yeah sorry guys that we’re not seeing much of a killer to come back and, I’m so excited. Because we finally can have some seafood. Because if you’ve seen chillin on a map it is literally just a long coastline. So today’s mission is to find some seafood yes find some icecream go explore the desert go, and have a really nice dinner that sounds good that’s my plan a minute later we’ve made it to the main intersection you can go this way that way or that way for about a block which way is gonna go it’s good this way the architecture is really different here like they’ve used a lot of modern yeah it’s just like the streets it is lined with two companies hostels, and restaurants yes Empire is super touristy super cool at the same time Oh South America you crack me up met up with the geckos squad, and come up to this little burger garden which looks kind of cool nice this place to be awesome Oh good this is exactly what I feel like the portion sizes are so big guys you just come out to the Atacama Desert into the National Park, and the first stop is to go inside this thing here is just a giant salt crystal it’s huge it’s kind of coming in like Arizona Nevada vibes yeah it’s kind of cool walking through the desert such different what different vibes were seen yesterday.

So easy that we like to do climbing three gigantic pieces of soap. But Falls really cool what’s up the inside of a show always losing your psyches it’s getting darker in here put this bats then after you velcro honey some light up in here. Because neither life wow that’s cool feels weird to be saying this for reading our last sunset here, I’m chilly very quick 48 hours is good I want to come back wanna see more. But at least a little bit of a taste I think we just came here. So that we could stop for a bit to go into Argentina yeah. But the colors are very beautiful in the sunset look at this Valley done yeah you say what come here I think we have it’s got a moon valley Chile is on the coast which means we’ve heard the fish is really good here. So before we leave we need to try some artisan salmon some seafood we’ll go to Argentina which is known for its beef doesn’t help our situation.

So we need to get some good fish snack all righty hopefully burrows has some good even the local kitty agrees that hates our backpacks mornin Hey everybody, and welcome back to Chile we’re just here at the bus stop. Because we’re heading to Argentina on a 12-hour bus that’s gonna be our home for the next 12 hours Hey everybody welcome to another messy hotel room this time in Argentina yesterday we left San Pedro. But we had to catch a 12 hour bus to get you on like everyone, and welcome to me to the argentinian border chiles there we’ve now crossed over we’ll see you guys in 10 hours when we get to some time bye. But now we are in Salta ready to go explore another new country very exciting this time we spend a little bit more time in our dirtiness not another 48 hour type thing.

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