Exploring Isla Mujeres Tulum

Heading to Eastland Pettis right now and, I’m so excited trying to find the ferry to isla mujeres right now, and we just went to this one place, and all these people are clamoring to help us, and give us tours, and sell us things even as we packed the car, and we’re gonna get out like two guys oh here’s one now two guys were like wandering over like descending on us like vultures to try, and sell us things before we even got out of the car on the ferry right now AO is dying of the heat it got. So hot honest I’ve ever experienced wanna be like dog each limo Harris, and we are so hot we’re just going to go right to the beach we have gotten to the beach, and we are underneath a palm tree in shade looking out at the ocean.

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So cool to be able to just sit at the shade this place is just absolutely gorgeous beach vibe everybody yeah I think here is a very cooling arrival likes the small surf beach towns kind of feel how was the water refreshing really refreshing now walking to the other side of the island we thought that it would be really far. But it’s only two blocks, and I think we’re going to another beach as well we can’t go to this one. Because there’s so many rocks. So we’re going to try, and find another one now just got to the next beach it is called Playa North Bay, and it is so beautiful. So pretty you’re splashing it on me Oh today we are going to Tulum to the ruins that, I’m so excited you just got to Tulum people keep stopping our car, and trying to sell us tours wait what are you suck whatever you want whatever walking to the ruins now excited the ruins right here. So amazing, and there’s so many more over there, and then there’s the big one on top of the hill over here.

So cool. So you find your way back being a Miami, and one of these temples down at the sea like this. So many centuries ago. So amazing really hot. But I think it’s worth it we’ve come away from the ruins now, and are walking through the jungle it’s just very still with the sounds of these birds sounds. So exotic you see these huge iguanas running up the trees left the ruins that was so amazing my favorite was seeing the palace over the ocean.

So many colors there the colors of the Box gorgeous the colors of the whites, and the green vegetation whatever trees blue no that was my time in isla mujeres M Tulum I am just loving Playa del Carmen, and the surrounding area so much this is by far the most beautiful place I have ever seen my entire life I do have a lot more posts of Playa del Carmen coming up more cenotes gorgeous beaches we’re going to a few other exciting places thanks so much for reading if you could comment, and like this post that would be awesome see you in my next post bye.

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