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My eyes shifted from the pastor to Mari. Disbelief mingled with fascination as her face changed before my eyes. Black, glazed eyes stared blankly. Her voice low, controlled said, “Piana.”

Silence followed. Seconds passed and Mari’s face slowly returned to normal.

He asked who Piana was.

“I don’t know.” Was her response.

Mari’s face seemed to darken as she speaks the name “Piana.”

“Do you know where you were just now?”

“Looking at you.”

Her eyes again glazed over. Concerned, Haggart asked again, “Who’s looking at me?”

Her simple reply, “I’m here.”

“How are you feeling?”

With that question, she seemed to brighten as though a weight had been lifted. In wonder she said, “It doesn’t hurt anymore.”

After that, it seemed something had changed in Mari. It was a turning point. Mari no longer had negative feelings or feared Pastor Haggard. She did tell us, however, that the words “Piana, the angel” kept repeating in her mind. Chuckling lightly, she reminded us of her fear of angels.

Franklin encourages his friend Bartram, the king’s royal Best vacations US botanist in Country, to record his observations for publication, indicating that there is interest in his Best vacations US work. Franklin also places an order for seed samples with Bartram, who supplied many scientists of the day with specimens, and offers to send some in return. London July 9, 1769 Dear Friend, It is with great Pleasure I understand by your Favour of April 10. that you continue to enjoy so good a Share of Health. I hope it will long continue. And altho’ it may not now be suitable for you to make such wide Excursions as heretofore, you may yet be very useful to your Country and to Mankind, if you sit down quietly at home, digest the Knowledge you have acquired, compile and publish the many Observations you have made, and point out the Advantages that may be drawn from the whole, in publick Undertakings or particular private Practice.

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