It is the first Q&A of 2018 and I can’t wait to answer your guys.

And gals questions so I went onto my Instagram and I asked, you guys to ask me your questions this was an open category.

So there’s a lot of different questions we’re gonna cover let’s get started shall we Kathryn naval asks would, you rather travel longer. And budget more or shorter times. And spend more that answer has changed over the years originally when.


I first started travel it was budget travel longer now, it’s kind of a mixture of both. I do value certain things and I spend a bit more money especially on things like food.

I splurge a bit more. And on transportation that. I used to.

I think, it’s one of those age things. And just the fact that. I’ve been traveling for.

So long now that. I kind of do enjoy the little more luxurious items in travel melissa Newman kraits asks how would, you go about planning a whole year trip planning for an entire year trip is quite complicated so I would definitely not plan everything right from the beginning because it would literally take, you probably a year to plan a whole year’s trip so.

I kind of break it into bits. And pieces. And then work on all the smaller things as.

I kind of travel along so I would plan out where exactly. I wanted to go how long approximately I’d want to spend their spine book on my main tickets.

I would come up with a budget. I did two whole posts about budgets by the way links are down below if you want a bit more info on that. And then on all the day to day basis.

I would just kind of take each week or each day. And plan it as. I go because it is just too overwhelming to plan an entire year while you’re at home before, you go because things will change.

And that’ll also leave room for, you to allow things to change. And kind of change up your plans if you decide that hey. I don’t like this country as much or really like this country.

And it gives a little bit more flexibility in that sense dianna doc asks how do. I keep travel interesting. And not get burnt out trouble burnout is a real thing it.

I have had it multiple times and I feel it coming on. And when.

I when I do a lot of like extended trips back-to-back. And my key to combating travel burnout is allowing myself one rest days while.

I’m on the road. So days where. I literally do nothing I’ll just eat.

And stay at the hotel or stay at a coffee shop. I don’t do any thing just allow myself to recuperate. And rest days at home.

So my home life is really boring, it’s really not that exciting. I mainly stay pajamas we do work. I play with my cats.

And that kind of normality helps rejuvenate me. And get me excited to go back on the road again so I think there is a good balance between excitement.

And travel. And then just normal everyday life. And that helps me combat my combat getting travel burnout so.

I never feel like travel is a chore or. I never take it for granted because it is such a luxury. And I’m.

So happy that. I get to do that for my job Rachel. And she asks have.

I ever thought about relocating. And becoming an expat. I have actually relocated a couple times.

I’ve lived in New Zealand. I’ve lived in London. I have lived in LA so.

I and I’ve also stayed in my other places for good periods of time so I have been done the expat life right now.

I’m just really enjoying being home in Canada, it’s where. I grew up, it’s where. I was born, but, you never know what the future holds so.

We’ll see maybe somewhere warm a tropical because, it’s quite cold outside right now Nikki Bev asked what camera do. I used to take most of our Instagram photos we use the sony a7s mark 2. And that is what.

I use to film. And what. I stick photos with which, you should also go follow both me.

And Matt on Instagram if you aren’t already Nally Roberts home asked am. I picking with which airlines. I fly with not really.

I know there are better there are airlines that. I preferred and I enjoy flying with.

And others. I don’t, but when it comes down to it, it’s less actually about budget, it’s more. So about the routes.

And the time it takes to get to the places. I need to go to. And that’s kind of what determines which airlines might be flying with Olivia booter mask needy and, you vlog on places to visit are your visits accommodations travels meals covered by the sponsoring company, it’s kind of a longer answer that.

I can give, you in a few seconds, but to sum it up is we do a mixture of them we do work with companies. And sponsors that help fund our trips. And we do produce great posts for that that help, you as well showcases cool destinations give, you cool tips.

And we also use that money that we’ve made from that to fund our other apples that are our own. So, it’s kind of a whole like being a youtuber in 2018 that’s how we are able to do this full-time that’s how. I’m able to fund all of our travels it also allows me to fund bigger projects and I know that, you guys enjoy a lot of the content. I always make it clear when it is a sponsored trip versus a non sponsored trip Sophie Jane one four five asked what is one place, you want to go four years. And haven’t gone there yet India.

And guess what guys. And gals. I might be going there in a few weeks time well like a month months time Ellen homestead asked if.

I never started youtuber traveling where would. I have seen myself alternate-universe Abby. I would say.

I would probably be working somewhere in the tech industry because. I studied computer science in university. I have a degree in that so.

I most likely would have followed that career path. And been working somewhere tech what else maybe I’d be actually working at blog who knows arenas Jake asks how. I always wanted to be a world traveler no.

I don’t think. I did. I definitely grow up wanting to travel the world.

I think. I want to be a veterinarian at some point. I want to be an interior designer.

I want to be an architect. I studied computer science like. I said before.

So there are many things that. I envision myself doing. I want to be an actor at some point.

I wanted to do musicals even though. I realized. I didn’t have quite the singing chops to do professional musicals want to be in an orchestra there are a lot of things in 18 wanted to do, but instead she’s travelling the world that’s life Walters world asks what inspires me to help other travelers honestly, you guys inspire me.

I love seeing all of your amazing comments of how my posts my advice posts have helped, you go on your own adventures. I think that just like, it’s like this never-ending wheel of excitement that. I get when.

I hear about all your amazing trips that, you take. And all the things that, you get to do because. I know that.

I’m really lucky I’m. So excited that. I get to travel.

And show, you all these amazing places, but it really makes me even more excited when I get to see, you guys going to those places as well and I know that you’re able to go there.

So yeah. I guess, you guys inspire me and I inspire, you all rich 22 asks if.

I can live in any country where would. I live. And why well.

I would definitely want to live somewhere very warm. And tropical. I’m a warm weather person and I love just having like a beach. And like fruit. And jungles.

And like cool things to do so I don’t really have a specific place, but it needs to have cats like. I need to be able to have my cats with me.

So I’d probably rule out a few places Caitlin Don asks when traveling how careful do, you have to be with drinking tap water. And if you have to be careful how do, you get around the issue. I would say like 99% of time.

I’m always just drinking bottled water, it’s not hard to find ball water most of the hotels will come with bottles of water or I’ll buy my own from the corner store if it is unsafe to like brush your teeth at the hotel they’ll let, you know that it would usually be assigned when you’re eating on at restaurants again 99% of time they’re gonna be selling, you bottles of water they’re not gonna be presenting, you a tap water just because they can charge, you more for a bottle than they can for just free tap water when it comes to like drinking out of the glass or the bottle make sure, you wipe the rim of the bottle, you don’t want to be drinking from a dirty rimmed bottle, it’s same with like popkins glasses if it looks clean, it’s probably okay there’s only one kind of instance where. I’m not really buying bottled water is that when I’m hiking or on.

I’m on a camping trip in which case. I have a filtered water bottle that. I use with me has something that takes away all the bacteria.

And the viruses. And the germs, you can also use that for like tap waters as well, but it doesn’t get out chemicals the the filters don’t get out chemicals it just gets out like bacteria. And viruses.

So bottled water Nate Johnson asks what’s the best item. I have a bot for my travels that’s under $100 probably, it’s a two-part question. And it is my eye mask.

And my neck pillow, this is something that. I bought last year and I’ve been traveling since 2010 and I’ve never had a neck pillow or an eye mask. And, it’s been such a luxurious experience. And it just made flying.

So much better. So those are really great purchases that. I highly recommend if you’ve been traveling for a long period of time Meiko sherry asks do.

I ever feel like. I’m missing out on part of the culture of a country since. I’m beacon.

And probably can’t eat most of the typical. And traditional foods yes. And no so.

I’ve been vegan for about two. And a half years now and I’ve traveled or been traveling since 2010 so.

I have had the opportunity to try a whole variety of different unique. And exotic foods. and I’m really happy. I did get to try them, but. I’m also really really happy that.

I’m vegan and I eat a very plant-based diet it makes me just feel really really awesome. And good inside and So it is one of those trade-offs that. I kind of have given up because. I know that.

I can’t eat the local dishes. And there are places that we’re going that. I’ve never been before and I won’t be able to try that, but to me. I’m kind of okay with it, it’s in the same sense that. I know.

I can’t visit or see every place in the world. I know. I can’t try or taste everything in the world.

And to me. I don’t miss meat. I don’t miss eggs dairy dairy is a bit trickier, but luckily.

I have met that travels with me now so I can at least like see the food and I get to like gauge his reaction on how he feels about it but.

I guess, it’s just one of those things that. I’ve learned to live with and I really don’t find it hard or miss it that much xxxx Coco pink xx asks how do.

I book my trips do. I get my flights first. And then accommodation or do.

I just plan day trips. And just wing it. I will typically always booked my flights first because that’s like the guarantee that.

I’m actually gonna be there. And then I’ll start booking my accommodation. So I’ll know how many days.

I’m gonna spend in each city then I’ll go with the transportation. And active posts. So if.

I’m doing any tours that need tickets or if. I need to book like buses or like shuttles or plate or like ways to get in between. And then last.

I will find places to eat. So that’s kind of my order of booking when I plan a trip syska travel asks what age do, you think people can start solo traveling.

I realistically, you solo travel when, you are ready. I don’t think there’s a specific age however. I definitely wouldn’t advise anybody under the age of 18 to travel solo.

I think you’re still when you’re still a teenager there’s a lot, you need to learn about the world. And yourself. And it isn’t until, you get a little bit older do, you realize how you’re able to cope in search in certain situations.

And there’s just a lot of other safety aspects of it, but, you know each person matures on their own and I definitely don’t want to give an exact age but. I didn’t start traveling till.

I was 22 years old. And it wasn’t just well it was a solo trip but. I didn’t start travelling till.

I was 22. So keep that in mind. So thank, you guys.

So much for all of your wonderful questions there are. So many of them though. I wasn’t able to answer all them in this post also be like hours long, but please if.

I didn’t get your question this time ask it again on my next Instagram post for my next Q&A. I plan on doing many more this year. So make sure you’re following me on Instagram because that is where.

I will always ask for my cue. And eight questions thanks again for reading don’t forget to give this post a thumbs up make sure you’re commentd if you aren’t already and I will see, you guys again in a few days time with another post bye.

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