These are the moments, you never forget exploring magical lagoons discovering forbidden lakes that are inhabited by a giant sea monster. And reading the fiery sunset with amazing friends these are the reasons.

I travel halfway around the world just to experience new things hey guys from runs. So leg garden resort. I don’t think, you ready for this man what the most beautiful place.

MOST BEAUTIFUL PLACE ON EARTH – Coron Philippines Photo Gallery

I’ve ever seen arguably one of the most cinematic days. I will ever shoot, this is going to be my second time going just over there to those islands in between they are the twin Lagoon bunch of other lagoons here in Quran palawan the Philippines we’re loading up on to this year big bow. So yesterday.

I got a DM from a couple that I’d actually met about eight months ago in Bangkok they’ve been continuously traveling up to this point. And they’ve joined us today on the tour TT travel guys we got, you know element Tory, you guys have been here before no face time. So it ignites it yeah, this is the most beautiful place in the world of my opinion so.

I lost the luck especially it is yeah right behind me are the very very distinctive limestone formations that are all across Quran, this is what makes us. So beautiful here. And El Nido will be going to El Nido in a couple days, but just.

So stoked to be here if your work convinced why, this is the world’s most beautiful place well. I think. I just gave, you your reason oh my gosh getting this thing up here is amazing, it’s just the most beautiful view from above.

I mean down here, you get perspective of the grandeur of the entire area, you can see the depth of the water peace is. So clear the height of the mountains, but when, you get the drone up like, you get that bird’s-eye. And it just changes everything.

I absolutely love the lagoons here in Quran my opinion, it’s a bucket list item a place to see an experience oh. So excited to be here. I wish.

I could say Jamie was feeling better, but right now he’s fighting find a bit of a headache okay. And some tomatoes. And fish right on excited all right.

So everyone else has already gone on a little tour. I was flying my drone now. I gotta go find them, it’s like the perfect temperature as soon as.

I get swimming a little bit. So the guide was telling me there’s like some interesting thermal activity going on in these lakes where, you know normally on the surface is the hot water because heat rises cold waters on the bottom here, it’s actually the opposite. I don’t understand why the cold water is on the top.

And if you swim down it can get as hot as 41 degrees. So I’ll have to try that out in the right place, but first let’s find the guide this has to be the most beautiful day to be here right now the weather is perfect, it’s not that hot nice clear skies. I’m in heaven, this is God’s chosen land he gave all the most beautiful things to this place fresh salt water a mixing uh.

I didn’t if the cool water on top yeah. And the bottom right the warm one yeah he was just explaining that the reason that the cold water stays on top. And the hot water goes to the bottom because, this is where freshwater meets salt water not gonna get to scientific into it, but that’s basically why, but the cool thing that gives us very weird look to the water on the top level surface and.

I guess that’s that process of the fresh in the salt water meeting it’s so hard to get down there because the salt water wants to keep, you up, but, it’s way warmer oh my god that’s like a 10-degree difference in ten feet all the way out here. And a beautiful Lagoon in this here kuia, it’s selling some beers surveys those for everyone mad respect, it’s just been such a good start to the day, but do, you know what all these are sitting clowns to done with our share is that shellfish that’s fresh eating how are your vegetarian options looking here Tom we’ve got good we’ve got a nutritious.

And delicious. So we’ve just disembarked on this little beach here. And we’re gonna eat some food it all looks really good like.

I said not a place for vegetarians, but if somebody who likes to eat some meat food looks great some freshly caught fish here from this beautiful ocean we’re staying on. And we got some pork looks good back on the boat we go how, you feeling Tom refreshed yeah ready for the day yeah the half-day half-day yeah be accurate come with me yeah let’s get found. I gotta say Tom isn’t blowing me away with his dad jokes right now he’s, you read the book of dad jokes hey Christian yeah, you know why people when they look through the fergus that’s why they always do it like this no why did they do that, you always do it like this because they said, it’s pretty hard if you do it like this our next stop was a nearby reef that made for some incredible snorkeling if you make youtuber Facebook posts and, you need high quality copyright free music then definitely check out the link down below, this is where.

I get all my music from. So we just got back in the boat here and. I was actually swimming with a school of probably like 500 of these little sardines.

I don’t actually know if they were sardines, but they were tiny little fish in school. And it was. So cool because Anthony our guide actually lent me his massive massive what are they called flippers Ben, you completely soar through the water.

I was able to get probably about like 25 feet see just such a cool feeling to be going through the school of fish. And they all kind of circle around you. I actually got like some really rough GoPro footage of it it was shooting at 14 frames, but, this is it, it’s pretty finished though.

I have to say today’s been like pretty close to perfect do, you travel there trouble that’s what the other T stands for, it’s trouble. And teamwork. I like the Zapdos shirt yes feeling better now that’s good for sure add some Ataris drugs yeah she gave me all this weird good, this is chaotic alright.

And by the way, it’s been declared for like three consecutive years in Asia declares water. And in Asia really yes. And then the rock formations.

And in the water. So good especially, this is the place we’re going to see or to feel warm water down there Wow okay perfect there we go he’s the man there’s a komodo dragon down there just like. I saw in Flores look at he’s just swimming back there.

I need is that with just the belief of the Navy people that until now there’s like different kinds of huge creature, but there’s a belief there’s a dragon that lives in there how people got missing is that one no until now, it’s good folks even that’s locusts or not good because what certain different legs right here they only open two legs to the public. And most of them are closed because, it’s sacred place for all the native people oh we got to go up all these stairs here 367 of them that right there that’s husband material. I feel like.

I’m looking at like the poster of a tourism add as, you walk through the airport showing off their best location this would be it so much beauty in one place while we didn’t have the opportunity to see all the incredible lakes this island has to offer we were able to see Kai Yangon lake. And if you can overlook the orange neon lifejackets this will easily be one of the most beautiful places, you ever encountered.

I was absolutely fascinated by the idea that even the locals can visit all of the lakes here on quran island so. I did a little bit of research. And to be honest there was not a whole lot on the internet what.

I came up with is that the people living here in the quran island are known as the columbian – wah please don’t quote me on the pronunciation according to a blog online the lakes inside of quran are sacred. And they’re only open for certain religious purposes to certain people. And yes apparently, this is home to a giant octopus the local people refer to this octopus at the Queen Lala Bayou as of right now the government has actually given the talk by the white people full ownership of this island full respect of their traditions with the rising tourism there’s definitely a question as to whether there’ll be some pressure applied in the coming years after a nice stop at the lake it was time to board our boat.

And head back to quran proper on the way back we had that incredible fiery red sunset that made these beautiful limestone mountains even more dramatic this was something out of a fairy tale really warm it kind of tastes more never had anything like it right now we’re just heading back to the port, it’s been a complete day here from 8:30 to 6 p.m.

And definitely a must-do tour, this is the qur´an island tour just make sure, you ask for the TWiT lagoon. I highly recommend using k tours like. I don’t always recommend to our groups, but, this is one of them that.

I definitely highly recommend to itself costs around hundred pesos. So that’s roughly about thirty US dollars a little bit less. And that even comes with a lunch worth every penny Jamie’s been straight chillin studied was that is keep an eye open for the man right here Anthony if this business doesn’t work out, you just open up your own comedy bar in Quran do ya be there yeah perfect one more.

And we made it. I don’t know about, you but I had a TT Travel kind of day can I be a slogan yeah that’s okay thank, you make your day a TT day GT travel Tong tremendous triceps feels. So good to be back in 8c a full day out on the islands we are back at Seoul a garden resort and, this is where. I’m going tonight nice clean room yes yes yes life is too good.

I love this place well if this post didn’t inspire, you to go pack your bags. And buy a one-way ticket to the Philippines then. I really don’t know what will, but if you’re one of those people who are looking for the adventure of a lifetime, you are in luck because.

I’ve actually made an entire travel post guide just for, you it gives, you all the information, you could ever need on the must-see locations the hidden gems everything from packing your bags to safety. And even how to save money on your trip to the Philippines make sure to check out the link down below in the description of this year post and, you can check out the completely free 5 hot tips to the Philippines it will be a great head start for your trip. And guys if you’re new to my blog a huge welcome.

I would invite, you to hit that comment button become part of the blog. And let’s get lost again in the next one fun of the day yay. ?

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