Distracted by Scenery in Coimbra Portugal

Hey from ports over the last time at least for now, I’m off to creamer, I’m settled into my Airbnb which is a room in this house. So yet again my dream voyage concerning Portugal was not the easiest ordeal. Because I bought a train ticket that just said to win bruh from Porto de Coimbra making you think that you just get on a train, and it goes to Kornberg no you had to take one train to somewhere, and then you have to take a bus, and then you had to take another train, and then you have to get on the no train. But I did get here. So it stopped raining Ximena walk round though this is like the opposite direction of where I need to go.

Distracted by Scenery in Coimbra Portugal Photo Gallery

But I had to come down here. Because look how tiny this street is, and have directions to the cafe, I’m gonna go to. But I just keep getting distracted. Because now look at this it was boring for a second this city is really like a maze I just came from this little street here’s another little Street over here you have no idea where any of these lead for this monastery behind me the Santa Cruz was founded in 11, and 31 it’s so beautiful I got to explore a little bit today, I’m here in Coimbra I was out for a little bit, and then it started really raining very hard, and that’s actually thundering right now yeah, and it’s cold, and windy rainy. So it is headed back, and it’s night already. So, I’ll have to be exploring tomorrow, and right now, I’m just doing some editing right have some tea, and it’s kind of cold. So the my Airbnb host gave me it’s really warm it’s a little hot like my new favorite thing.

But um I guess, I’ll see you tomorrow for more exciting things so.

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