We’re still here in Vegas, and we’ve got some fun stuff planned we have been invited to test our some roller coasters on top of eight hours the roller coaster ride rides for not attraction this should be fun. So we’re heading there to the stratosphere which is the end of the line again. So we’re back on the metro, and then we’re just going to work our way up if you remember we got back from Utah tickets to come join us for in Vegas for the weekend. So we’re going to pick her up, and get her out 3:30 3:30, and then yeah we’ll see how the day goes might have some other fun stuff. But yeah that’s where we’re going is to stratosphere hotel, and it almost looks like the needle from Seattle.

EXTREME THRILL RIDES IN LAS VEGAS 900FT HIGH – Stratosphere Zipline Photo Gallery

But at the top of it they have like a theme park, and there’s like three different rides you can go on it should be scary. Because some of these rides are like over the side of the the needle overlooking the strip. So it should be a different experience should be a fun experience these are all the emotions just this feeling right now anxiety number one yay I feel this right now just from reading that guy jump oh my gosh yeah we’re not doing the sky jump it did look pretty the first ride aptly named the insanity excited, I’m excited are you excited ready let’s do swish the ride it’s not done scary before what makes the feel the stick on that ride it was fun it was cool I can glean over the ride. But I think Sarah’s doing been sick and, I’m feel a bit bit funny as well we’re still going to do the other rides though even if you didn’t want to come on the right if she gets a really awesome view of the script which is just there. So we’re right at the end of the strip, and lift down, and I’d like the women on for bit further as Caesar’s, and all that, and then we’re right at the back there. So yeah if you don’t do the rides just come up here, and enjoy the view it’s really nice for the extreme that was a lot of fun I enjoyed, I’m glad we could do that it was really cool being really high. Because like the rise themselves don’t look that scary.

But. Because they’re so high up in the sky overlooking the script it was good it’s good fun sit for the first ride that mean kill see ya Pantera yeah did you enjoy the views you didn’t go on any rides yeah yeah. So now we are heading back to the hotel. Because we are picking up back in an hour. So we’re going to go back to the Metro, and had to pull up the strip feel like that store will look really cool at night all lit up hi guys we are going to pick up back now at the airport, and we’re pretty close to it which is good. Because it’s on the mmm south side of the strip I think are we on the south yeah yeah. So it’s right next to us should be about five minutes, and hopefully we’ve timed it right.

So we can just drive in pick her up, and go, and then after that we are going to go do some ziplining through strap through the strip I think it’s between two hotels which should be awesome we should get some good views. So we’re going to try timer to get there for about 5:30 I think there should be good you welcome to Vegas. So here at the Voodoo zipline and, I’m really nervous that, I’m going to do this one I’ve been like ever since I bungee jumped I’ve always been really scared of heights. So I haven’t really been doing any of the scary rides, and stuff and, I’m trying to build myself back up. So, I’m going to do this and, I’m really nervous. So give us a life. But just.

Because she’s been. So great, I’m going to do it I feel like this is the one that gets you back on your track it looks fun Sarah, and Becker just about to do it. So we’re filling them down yeah what was your favorite pot the b-word smack for the inch mommy finger dance my I was sorry good he’s dead was it bloggers expert Oh like shaking at the end. But I did it hang on to me good are you better with your mind oh yeah Becky’s here oh we have Nietzsche Tyler hey let me make sure she’s in at this style yeah cuz last time we introduced it I was like yeah we couldn’t see yep she’s in it. So this is back with the really cute shelter yeah we know you guys have been loving okay we flew up to Vegas for the weekend okay thank you. So wish your happy birthday I think we’re going to go to dinner Maggiano’s yeah really Italian a really good friend relay. So we didn’t post it.

Because you know you’re going over like people. So you can’t take a camera on there. But you got photos. So instead in. So photo be scared now we’re just back on this trip, and we are walking to our restaurant we already said the name Maggiano’s yes it’s going to measure Moshe our nose now, and then we’re going to go, and check out more of the strip that we didn’t see last night at school. Because dennis is to the right, and then there’s Treasure Island which we’re going to go walk past the pirate ships now and, I’ll show you the gondolas on the water in Venice. So cool see.

So they gondolas just like in Venice super cool La Coste hipsters fed on the cool shades, and printers keep the money later paid, and shifters everything saber mine lifters you say ball eviction now I got you cam position ever heard the queue before you don’t know what you’re missing cool thing about this place if you guys come to magic, and they give you a second one free we restructure guys I was so good he’s so cool now we’re just going to keep walking down the strip, and go to some of the hotels that we haven’t gotten yet there should be do notice here at the Venetian, and at the shops of the Venetian all set up like Venice, and there’s even with singing Italian serenade it’s really cool other words is playing to like a sky, and this is all enclosed, and it’s what it takes something I know, I’m going to take some me I know it I know I know I know what it takes me I don’t know what hi guys thanks for reading tomorrow is actually Oh last day in Vegas. So we’ll do some stuff for you I show you three more Vegas, and then someday we leave to go back to Utah. But we have some fun road trips don’t plan that day. But yeah thanks for reading, and we’ll see you tomorrow bye. So let’s go.

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