Seattle Subterranean Seattle Walking History Tour

A city’s past is often found in hidden places, and today, we’re gonna discover some of Seattle’s history by going underground. So, beneath the streets is a walking history tour. We cover about four blocks of Pioneer Square neighborhood, go underground three different locations, and most of them have been abandoned, so very interesting spaces to go into, and we’ll talk about how they’ve been used throughout the years.

Seattle Subterranean Seattle Walking History Tour Photo Gallery

There’s some really great visuals down here. This picture shows Seattle back in 1889. This is exactly where we’re standing. Sweet. Today was really great. I mean, we’ve lived in the city for 10 years, and I had no idea all of this history existed right under the streets. Yeah, you learn a lot. It’s spooky, informative, and fun.

These are the original skylights from the 1890s. I think it’s cool ’cause you can walk on the sidewalk and see the skylights, and then they took us underneath, and we could see it from below.

You can actually see people walking over the skylight. Walking on the sidewalks today, there’s not a lot of indication that there is a whole ‘nother level below you. As we like to say, delve deep. Go down, and experience, see, touch, and feel the history of 1890. I can’t believe how much we’ve learned about this city by walking through the passageways. This tour literally takes you into the foundation of Seattle.

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