Essen Düsseldorf Metro Map

Badger Best, Guinness and Carlsberg are all available free of Essen/D¼sseldorf Metro Map accompanying muzak, and there is a good wine list and range of malt whiskeys. The pub Essen/D¼sseldorf Metro Map also offers excellent food: lunchtime brings fresh salmon mayonnaise, curried prawns and rice, and whole grilled plaice, while in the evening you can enjoy roast Aylesbury duck and pan-fried trout fillets, which the landlord claims he catches himself! Follow the very narrow road as stated above; this rises up quite steeply in the shade of trees and bends to the right almost at a right-angle, with tracks going off ahead and to the left at this point (effectively, it’s a crossroads).

Continue rising with the road, sunken beneath large tree-lined cuttings, until you reach a fork, with rough tracks going right and left. Here the comfort of metal ends. Take the right fork and follow what is at first quite a wide track but which soon becomes no more than a public path passing through fields. Looking back, you now have a magnificent view of the South Downs escarpment as well as the more level wooded countryside around Midhurst.

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