Gatherings And Free Trips GALORE Introducing the Road-Trip

Well is this a familiar sight that’s right. I’m back home just for a little bit though because.

I’ve got something else. I want to tell, you, it’s a little thing called the road trip yes i’ll be heading back on the road again in two weeks time to join 12 other fellow youtubers for another amazing katika venture called the road trip. So the road trip takes part October 50 15 and.

Gatherings And Free Trips GALORE Introducing the Road-Trip Photo Gallery

We’ll be starting off in Munich Germany then going to half guard in Austria that venice italy paris france. And london england all along the way will be competing in competitions too when, you guys some freaky Tiki trips how awesome is that as well as hosting meetups munich germany paris france. And london england where, you can come hang out meet with us do all the random stuff.

I don’t really quite know, it’s going to be there, but, it’s give me a wicked awesome. So, you guys should go all the information, you could check out follow along their schedule it’ll be on the road trip com RSVP there everything, you need to know, it’s all there check it out and. I can’t wait to share this with, you guys can be a bit different than the regular vlogs that.

I’ve been doing a little bit different styles. So. I’m excited for it yeah alright thanks for reading listening and.

I will catch, you guys soon regular vlogs coming soon. ?

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